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Re: Hi from WB8ELK

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  • Mike Manes
    Hi Bill, Sorry you can t make it to GPSL in person - dang! I m clueless re Echolink, except to have played with it at another ham s QTH. Do any of the GPSL
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 9, 2003
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      Hi Bill,

      Sorry you can't make it to GPSL in person - dang!

      I'm clueless re Echolink, except to have played with it at another
      ham's QTH. Do any of the GPSL attendees have the software to run on
      my laptop, or your own over a 100BaseT NIC? If not, I think I can
      "invoke" uSoft NetMeeting, 'tho I've never used it before -- any
      local experts?

      ANd Bill, my I'net here is dialup. I >think< Marty Griffin WA0GEH
      (you met him at the '93 EOSS confernece and at GPSL '02 in KS) has
      a hi-speed connection. He'd be the best shot for an upload -- lacking
      that, Rick N0KKZ (also at both), who's our Webmeister and who has
      a spearate dialup line.

      My snailmail is:
      6002 W. Alder Ave
      Littleton CO 80128-6037
      Tel 303-979-4899

      I think that the best shot for an EBBE QSO will be on 144.34 packet
      via balloon digis NSTAR and EOSS. The EOSS gound station will be

      WB8ELK@... wrote:
      > Hi Mike,
      > Unless a miracle happens, I can't find anything under $1500 for the trip.
      > Sadly, I just can't take the time off of work now that they've bumped up our
      > schedule to make the road trip as I had originally planned.....retirement sure
      > sounds like a good idea !!!!
      > So, as long as your internet connection works in the conference room, I'll
      > be a "virtual reality" presenter. Do you have Echolink on your machine so I
      > can talk to you all....or Netmeeting?.....I'm finishing up my PowerPoint
      > presentation and will put it up on my website so you can download it by
      > Wednesday....unless you can accept large files via email.
      > Also, please send me a mailing address that I can mail you a videotape via
      > Fed-X for my talk.
      > I'm thinking about launching a balloon from here in Alabama at the same
      > time you all do from Deer Trail....let me know the APRS packet settings I'll need
      > to put in to try an EBBE from here via Mark's balloon to the EOSS balloon. My
      > balloon will be able to see Mark's balloon above 65,000 or so....but Colorado
      > is too far to make it directly from here. Mark...are you planning to also
      > have your 446.3 MHz simplex repeater onboard or just APRS?
      > 73s,
      > - Bill WB8ELK

      Mike Manes manes@... Tel: 303-979-4899
      "Things should be made as simple as possible, but not more so." A.
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