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Summer 2009 Super Launches??

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  • BASE
    It s great to hear that GPSL will be in Lawrence next summer.  The central location makes it easier for those of us that attend and don t live in the Great
    Message 1 of 37 , Sep 15, 2008
      It's great to hear that GPSL will be in Lawrence next summer.  The central location makes it easier for those of us that attend and don't live in the Great Plains.

      If we attempt a Field Day Super Launch, that would be on June 27-28.

      I've had some discussions with others about the possibility of also having a Great Lakes Super Launch (GLSL) from some location in a state that borders one of the Great Lakes (e.g., Upland, Indiana).

      Of course, I'd love to participate in all three events which requires date coordination.

      Paul, do you have any idea about a date for GPSL?

      Jeff and David, would Taylor be willing to host the GLSL?  Would there be a good date to match some of your workshop efforts?


    • James Coxon
      Yes - thats exactly what i meant - note to self - check before sending... James
      Message 37 of 37 , Jul 30, 2010
        Yes - thats exactly what i meant - note to self - check before sending...


        On 30 July 2010 16:39, Jerry Gable <jerrygable@...> wrote:

        I think you ment to say a network link is NOT difficult to set up and I agree with you there.  I just found that GooPs has some interesting concepts.  I think it is an easy way to play with some of the options that are available in google earth.


        From: James Coxon <jacoxon@...>
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        Subject: Re: [GPSL] Field Day Super Launch

        Regarding Google Earth - a network link is difficult to setup, not sure you'd need the additional software to do it. Spacenear.us/tracker currently produces a kml file which can be opened in google earth and will update in real time. Does add another dimension to following flights (excuse the pun).


        On 30 July 2010 02:04, Joe <nss@...> wrote:
        This looks cool but am I seeing a 40 min time limit?

        Joe WB9SBD

        The Original Rolling Ball Clock
        Idle Tyme

        On 7/29/2010 6:24 PM, Jerry Gable wrote:
        Not sure if you are interested but I have been playing with this tool called GooPs (http://goopstechnologies.com/).  In it's simplest form it allows you to track multiple objects real time in Google Earth.  It also allows you to FTP to a server the KML files that it is generating.

        I am looking at using it to put tracking info on my own server.

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        Sent: Thu, July 29, 2010 2:11:35 PM
        Subject: Re: [GPSL] Field Day Super Launch


        Jerry....the Digi (formerly Maxstream) XBee PRO XSC modules on 915 MHz with 100 milliwatt outputs would make that possible at the seperation distances that we typically see at GPSL. I'll plan on doing that with a couple of other groups at the next GPSL...I already have the capability to output to the XBee PRO on my multi-mode transmitter and will shortly have the ability to have it show up on a Google Map at the SpaceNear.us website. I'll be doing some range testing of these inexpensive modules at the upcoming Spaceport Indiana flight on August 6th and possibly on the BASE flight on Aug. 7th.
        - Bill WB8ELK

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        From: Jerry Gable <jerrygable@yahoo. com>
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        Sent: Thu, Jul 29, 2010 8:57 am
        Subject: Re: [GPSL] Field Day Super Launch

        I guess I was thinking more along the lines of digital packets.  Set something up similar to a Zigbee mesh network between balloons.  We could call it SkyNet...

        Getting launch times and ascent rates coordinated.  Maybe just a simple zigbee connection between balloons at GPSL would be a better place to start.


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        Sent: Wed, July 28, 2010 10:38:25 PM
        Subject: Re: [GPSL] Field Day Super Launch

        Agree to that Mike....the one I did with Chuck W9IHS in the early 90's was one way only....I was listening to his balloon on 2m and repeating it down on 70cm....it was weak copy and only could hear briefly as we were a bit off in launch timing.
        - Bill WB8ELK

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        From: Mike Manes <mrmanes@gmail. com>
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        Cc: Joe <nss@...>; Jerry Gable <jerrygable@yahoo. com>
        Sent: Wed, Jul 28, 2010 10:29 pm
        Subject: Re: [GPSL] Field Day Super Launch

        It takes some careful frequency coordination to prevent creating a huge
        stratospheric audio oscillator.

        On 7/28/2010 20:34, Joe wrote:
        > I've been trying for years to schedule something like this, but no one else
        > seems to want to try or have the right equipment. to go both ways.
        > Joe WB9SBD
        > Near Space Sciences KB9KHO
        > The Original Rolling Ball Clock
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        > On 7/28/2010 8:42 PM, Jerry Gable wrote:
        >> Out of curiosity, has anyone tried balloon to balloon contact at a
        >> distance? If you could coordinate the launch you might be able to hop
        >> several balloons @ 5-600 miles between balloons.
        >> Jerry
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        >> *From:* Mike Manes <mrmanes@gmail. com>
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        >> *Sent:* Wed, July 28, 2010 5:12:44 PM
        >> *Subject:* Re: [GPSL] Field Day Super Launch
        >> Thanks, Bill,
        >> That means a lot coming from the grand-daddy of ARHAB!
        >> I've cc'ed Jeff K0RM, who may be interested in your experiences with
        >> previous FD repeater flights.
        >> 73 de Mike W5VSI
        >> On 7/28/2010 14:23, wb8elk@... <mailto:wb8elk% 40aol.com>; wrote:
        >> >
        >> >
        >> > Mike,
        >> > Excellent writeup....the ARRL could use that as it stands for an ARHAB article
        >> > in QST. I will have to say that in the two Field Day events that I flew a
        >> > repeater that I received many excited emails from a number of Field Day sites
        >> > in over eight states who had a blast working other Field Day sites via the
        >> > balloon repeater. Plus many were able to access it with just a mobile rig and
        >> > some even with a rubber duck from hundreds of miles away from the balloon. I
        >> > know that the attendees at my local Huntsville, AL Field Day site were amazed
        >> > to hear me talking to Field Day sites in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio with my 2m
        >> > handheld. The thrill of working through a satellite without the need for an
        >> > Az/El tracking array.
        >> > Since the BalloonSat is essentially a low altitude satellite, I would think
        >> > that the same rules for contacts made via satellites could apply to a
        >> > BalloonSat for Field Day. If nothing else, there is often special points for a
        >> > mode....in past years, extra points were given for an ATV demo for example. I
        >> > also have a few contacts in the ARRL and will send them an email as well about
        >> > this possibility.
        >> > - Bill WB8ELK
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        Mike Manes mrmanes@gmail. com Tel: 303-979-4899
        "Things should be made as simple as possible, but not more so."
        A. Einstein

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