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Re: [GPSL] Re: [Balloonatics] DJ-C5 antenna mod

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  • Mike Manes
    Hi Harry, No - not on balloonatics reflector - too many already! So you ll have to forward this to Chris if he s not on GPSL. Sure wish the GPSL reflector
    Message 1 of 2 , May 11, 2008
      Hi Harry,

      No - not on balloonatics reflector - too many already! So you'll have to
      forward this to Chris if he's not on GPSL.

      Sure wish the GPSL reflector would TURN OFF the forced Reply-To PITA feature.
      No clue how to contact Chris offline :={. So I'll bore all of you with
      this reply.

      Hi Chris,

      The coax installation for the DJ-C5 is per the variation instructions at
      the top of the page that Harry gave you the link to. And I have to use
      binocular magnifiers with a welder's helmet strap to do this work any more
      myself :={. I got mine cheap from Harbor Freight - or you can use an eye
      loupe or a magnifying desk lamp - essential tools for working on modern
      radios, especially for those of us who started out using a Weller solder
      gun for everything - even 1/4W axial carbon comp resistors on octal socket

      The solder bridge is evident by the fact that it stands higher off the board
      than other SMT connections, and it's not associated with any other
      components. Touching it with the clean tip of a 310C iron should pull the
      solder right off, leaving the two adjacent pads visible.

      The solder bridge connects the 50-ohm antenna I/O from the radio to the input
      of the built-in dual-band matching network - the same function served by the
      blue jumper in the DJ-C1. Removing that bridge isolates the matching
      network so one can apply a 50-ohm load via coax. You'll know you done
      good if xmit output power is about 350 mW with +5.0V dc external power
      applied in place of the Li-ion battery (batt terminals also go straight to
      the 2 recessed charger input pins in the back of the radio.)

      Hope that helps. Now that I have a digital camera, I could shoot a pix
      of that area of the board when I get that payload torn down next.

      73 de Mike W5VSI

      Harry M wrote:
      > Chris,
      > I'm not sure about the C5 radio. I've only modified a C1 & C4.
      > I think Mike W5VSI is the one that came up with the hack.
      > What say ye Mike?
      > FYI - Mike may not monitor this Forum so I posted it to the GPSL Forum also.
      > -----
      >> I'm wondering if anybody can help me with getting an external antenna
      > into my Alinco DJ-C5 radio
      >> Try this EOSS link...
      >> http://www.eoss.org/onlinepubs/alinco_antenna/alinco_antenna_attach.htm
      >> My eyes are not great and I'm not sure that I can see what the EOSS page
      >> is talking about, the solder bridge between the connector and the edge of
      >> the board.
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      A. Einstein
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