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Fw: BioLaunch B08A and B08B recovery results

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  • Ralph Wallio, W0RPK
    Stratofox recovery story of latest Stanford University flights. http://www.stratofox.org/ --W0RPK Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 20:59:16 -0800 From: Ian Kluft
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13, 2008
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      Stratofox recovery story of latest Stanford University flights. http://www.stratofox.org/ --W0RPK

      Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 20:59:16 -0800
      From: Ian Kluft <ikluft@...>
      To: Stratofox Tracking Team <[...]>
      Cc: Stratofox Amateur Aerospace Talk list <talk@...>
      Subject: Re: [Trackers] B08A & B recovered!

      On Sat, Mar 08, 2008 at 01:44:13PM -0800, Craig Anderson wrote:
      > Just got a text message from Ian that both balloons
      > were launched and both were recovered near Merced.
      > The groups are having lunch in Merced now.

      Thanks for forwarding that Craig.

      It was a good day today! Let's see if I can make a start at a summary
      and crediting people who helped. It is my intent to include everyone
      so any omissions are unintentional.

      We had excellent attendance. Stratofox Teams 1, 3 & 6 started from the
      launch site at Galt (south of Sacramento). Stratofox Teams 2, 4 & 5
      started from a rendezvous point near the projected landing zone at the
      Madera Airport (north of Fresno). All the Stanford teams started at
      the launch site.

      B08A reached ~107,000' and landed in a field just outside the perimeter
      fence of Merced College (about 3 miles SW of the recently-built UC Merced.)
      If it had landed any further west it would have been in town. Ironically,
      the Stratofox teams coming from the south (and one from the north) recovered
      the package that landed to the north. But the reason is because that was
      the one already on the ground at the time those teams got to Merced.

      B08A carried the NASA BioLaunch research payload and a string of "PearlSat"
      K12 school experiments. The K12 experiments were from a school in Louisiana,
      who were reportedly watching the flights and searches via APRS tracking over
      the Internet.

      B08B reached ~68,000' (as high as intended for that payload.) It landed
      south of Merced near Hwy 99 and conveniently near an exit. (Unlike last
      December when B07E landed near I-5 but 10 miles from any exit). With B08A
      already well-covered, the remaining teams coming from the north bypassed
      Merced and went direct to B08B. Dr Cutler and his crew were first to reach
      it. Almost everyone, including the crews who had just recovered B08A, got
      a look before it was picked up.

      B08B carried a Stanford satellite electronics & captive-carry solar sail
      for testing, and cameras.

      Then we rendezvoused at the Merced Airport where we suggested Stratofox Air
      should land so we could pick them up. From there we all went to lunch.

      I'll thank the Stanford crews as a group - they probably won't publicize
      their roster. The Stratofox participants today were...
      Stratofox 1 Dave Brock N6DCB from Sacramento
      Stratofox 2 Ian Kluft KO6YQ and Heather Stern KG6ZYC from San Jose
      Stratofox 3 Bernhard Hailer AE6YN and Brad Douglas KB8UYR from Fremont
      Stratofox 4 Christina Mester AF6BW and Andy Selle KI6JQU from Stanford
      Stratofox 5 Bob Verish from Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley)
      Stratofox 6 Lowell Gordy AF6BI from San Jose
      Stratofox Air Dave Goodin KI6KGP, Joel Goodin and Jack ??? from San Jose

      (Sorry, I didn't catch Jack's last name. He's a Stanford student who
      arranged to come along with Dave in the plane. Dave said he was very
      helpful. He also mentioned that he's studying for his Amateur Radio
      license. So don't be surprised if we see him becoming a Stratofox
      invitee and then member at upcoming events.)

      As I made the list above, I noticed most of the members participating today
      earned their memberships last year...
      * Dave Brock and Brad Douglas qualified at Crater Assault 1 at Black Rock
      in January 2007
      * Christina Mester, Andy Selle and Lowell Gordy qualified at Biolaunch B07C
      in Central California in June 2007
      * Bernhard Hailer and Bob Verish qualified at Stratofox's assistance to the
      Fossett search in Western Nevada and Eastern California in September 2007

      Heather rode with Bob during the search as his radio operator.

      Stanford plans more BioLaunch flights. Some experiments such as a rover
      and UAV glider will need to be flown away from populated areas. Those are
      tentatively planned to fly at Black Rock in early Summer. For folks on the
      talk and invitees lists, I'll mention that anyone who's interested in
      participating should let us know. We have a separate mail list for planning
      BioLaunch events, which you'll only be included on if you are or become at
      least an invitee, and express interest in helping with BioLaunch.

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