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Re: [GPSL] Re: [KNSP] KWU launch info / SSOK

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  • Joe
    Pete! Welcome Back Dude! Joe & NSS
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2007

      Welcome Back Dude!

      Joe & NSS

      Mike Manes wrote:
      Hi Pete,
      Glad to see Salina flying again! GL with the launch and recovery.
      APRS sure makes tracking and recovery easy compared to the ol' DF
      73 de Mike W5VSI, EOSS
      pete sias wrote:
      Dateline Salina KS,  10.31.2007
      Kansas Wesleyan University's physics club will launch
      a 1200 gram balloon with a ~ 4 lb payload from the
      football field this Saturday. 11.3.2007 @ ~9 am local.
      Output of aprs will be on 144.39 using tiny trak 300
      mw xmiter & a 1/2w vertical dipole antenna.  Call sign
      N0OY-11. Also using a Garmin series 18 gps for
      position info.  This is the first time use of aprs by
      our group and looking forward to it.
      Payload consists of a video camera and data logging
      for IAT, OAT, RH, & Acceleration. No live data
      Will update here with a go / no go decision on Friday
      I am assisting as the ad hoc adviser to the group.
      73'  Pete   N0OY    
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