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Re: [KNSP] Re: [GPSL] Fw: [tvnsp] GPSL 2003

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  • Mike Manes
    Hi Don, Well, don t sweat the bit about nbot knowing the eastern half of Colo being a plain - the Visitors Bureau doesn t advertise that part much :=}. So if
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 29, 2003
      Hi Don,

      Well, don't sweat the bit about nbot knowing the eastern half of
      Colo being a plain - the Visitors' Bureau doesn't advertise that part
      much :=}. So if you win a free vacation to Club Med Hugo, CO, don't
      bother waxing up the skis.

      Sounds like a pretty messy itinerary. I hope maybe you can get
      some of your HABITAT cohorts to bring out a balloon and payload, tho.
      If not, then we'd still sure love to see you again and put you to work
      on the launch and/or recovery crews. The Spacegrant folks might be
      grateful for any help they can get assembing the payload strings as

      BTW, wot's RAAM? A balloon race?

      73 de Mike W5VSI

      Don Pfister wrote:
      > Ok, I sit corrected. ;-) I was thinking the suggested site was West of Denver.
      > I did mention the plains extend to Eastern CO, I just didn't remember how far west
      > Eastern CO went. ;-) I guess we were both right, just that I was thinking farther
      > West. What is that old saying "you don't have to understand something to argue about
      > it"? :-) I didn't mean to argue.
      > As I recall (sitting here on my brains and not checking again) - it has been several
      > years - Denver could be considered the 'High Plains', the mountains don't really start
      > until you get a few miles west. ;-)
      > I will have to get a map out, I keep reading about Deer Trail but don't remember
      > seeing that.
      > Yes a landing in the mountains concerns me too - but what can you expect I'm a
      > flatlander again. ;-)
      > I hope to make it but it's still a ways off. The date concerns me, the earlier
      > mentioned date might have been doable (time wise) but the newer date is going to
      > conflict with a previous commitment I'm afraid. I have two riders after me to crew for
      > them during this years RAAM 2003
      > (http://raceacrossamerica.org/raam2003/raam2003main.htm there is a link on my HABITAT
      > SkyLab page to a photo of me at the starting area for RAAM 2002). It is scheduled for
      > June 15 to June 27. My local friend Byron is going to ride as one of a 2 man team. My
      > Italian friend Fabio is riding as a solo. I crewed for both of them last year. I
      > started with Fabio - when he dropped I joined Byron's crew team.
      > In between I got to spend about 3 days in the beautiful Aspen, CO area. ;-)
      > Byron, had agreed to get me to Denver for GPSL 2003 - flying me from the East Coast to
      > Denver. However, that would leave me with out a balloon or equipment (which could be
      > overcome). The plan is to be in San Diego on Sunday the 15th to watch (and support)
      > the Solo riders start. I guess this might work - fly to Denver for GPSL then fly from
      > Denver to San Diego for the start of RAAM (I might even get to see my nephews family -
      > he just got back from deployment in the P. gulf). I'll check with people. ;-) Since I
      > will be using my mobile APRS stuff for RAAM too - I'll have it all with me. Hmm... If
      > none of the rest of my crew can make it, this would make me a solo and possibly no
      > wheels. Probably more trouble than it is worth. We'll see.
      > Thanks for the Geography lesson (and corrections) Mike! I appreciate it.
      > I'll see what we can do. I can't commit 100% either way. Please keep me updated on
      > plans.
      > Don

      Mike Manes manes@... Tel: 303-979-4899
      "Things should be made as simple as possible, but not more so." A.
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