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ARHAB Records - 2002 Q4 update

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  • Ralph Wallio, W0RPK
    My thanks to everyone for another great year of Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning! We established seven new 1-2-3 records in 2002. Rumor has it we will
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2002
      My thanks to everyone for another great year of Amateur Radio High Altitude
      Ballooning! We established seven new 1-2-3 records in 2002. Rumor has it
      we will see even more in 2003. Keep 'em coming folks. Record entries
      define our collective state-of-the-art.

      Note that *Ratio of Released v. Recovered Payloads* has been changed to
      *Total Missions Flown*. New entries and revised counts are encouraged.

      See http://users.crosspaths.net/wallio/RECORDS.html for all record entries
      and details.

      TNX es 73 de Ralph Wallio, W0RPK
      Hubbert's Peak: The Mother of all Perfect Storms

      Highest GPS Reported Altitude (12 entries)
      1. Norm Kjome (KB7ZJT) 20Mar99 120,522ft ASL (SA)
      2. SSOK (WBØDRL) 08Jan00 117,460ft ASL (SA)
      3. KNSP-99A (KD4STH) 06Feb99 114,399ft ASL (SA)

      Lowest Reported Maximum Altitude (7 entries)
      1. HABET-H30 (ISGC/ISU) 02Mar00 4,903ft
      2. HABET-H36 (ISGC/ISU) 30Mar00 13,511ft
      3. HABET-H42 (ISGC/ISU) 08Sep00 16,301ft

      Highest Continuous Ascent Rate (13 entries)
      1. EOSS-54 23Feb02 1584.9ft/min
      2. TVØ2D (TVNSP) 03Aug02 1519.2ft/min
      3. EOSS-52 20Oct01 1445.4ft/min

      Lowest Continuous Ascent Rate (5 entries)
      1. EOSS-50 (Pioneer Astronautics payload) 21Apr01 221.8ft/min
      2. TV01D (TVNSP) 30Jun01 326.4ft/min
      3. HABET-H43 (ISGC/ISU) 21Nov00 449.5ft/min

      Longest Great Circle Distance (14 entries)
      1. SSOK (WBØDRL) 08Jan00 703.02 Miles (Floater)
      2. NS0-1 (NSBG/N3KKM) 25Mar00 152.73 Miles
      3. EOSS-50 (Pioneer Astronautics payload) 21Apr01 138.79 Miles

      Shortest Great Circle Distance (9 entries)
      1. HABITAT SKYLAB (KAØJLF) 25Sep99 8.71 Miles
      2. NS1-1 (NSBG/N3KKM) 28Apr01 9.80 Miles
      3. KNSP-99E (KD4STH) 20Jun00 9.89 Miles

      Longest Mission In Time (8 entries)
      1. SSOK (WBØDRL) 08Jan00 14:01:39>19:28:10 5h26m31s
      2. HamBONE-LD1 27Jun01 10:12>14:50z 4h38m
      3. BEAR-1 27May00 15:13:33>19:46:36 4h33m03s

      Heaviest Payload (4 entries)
      1. Project HALO Rockoon (WB8ELK-KE4ROC-K4ZQM) 11May97 92.0 Pounds
      2. HABET-H42 (ISGC/ISU) 08Sep00 49.0 Pounds
      3. HABET-H43 (ISGC/ISU) 21Nov00 43.0 Pounds

      Lightest payload (11 entries)
      1. ITA-2 (Into Thin Air/KA2QPG) 19Mar00 0.21 Pounds
      2. SQ3 (SkyQuest/N1LTV) 21May00 0.41 Pounds
      3. ITA-3 (Into Thin Air/KA2QPG) 04Jun00 0.46 Pounds

      Largest Balloon Envelope(s) (6 entries)
      1. EOSS-50 21Apr01 52,729ft^3 KCI-3000 and 3xKCI-600
      2(Tie). HABET-H42 (ISGC/ISU) 08Sep00 40,904ft^3 KCI-3000 and 2xKCI-100
      2(Tie). HABET-H43 (ISGC/ISU) 21Nov00 40,904ft^3 KCI-3000 and 2xKCI-100

      Smallest Balloon Envelope (1 entry)
      1. SQ3 (SkyQuest/N1LTV) 21May00 500ft^3 KCI-200

      Greatest Telemetry Downlink Reception Range (Two Categories)
      VHF/UHF near line-of-sight (9 entries)
      1. NSTAR-02F (N9XTN) 02Nov02 K5OL<Telemetry 440.5 Miles
      2. NSTAR-02F (N9XTN) 02Nov02 K9KK<Telemetry 439.2 Miles
      3. EOSS-52 20Oct01 KCØIUW & KCØIUY<Telemetry 394.1 Miles
      HF via any mode of propagation (2 entries)
      1. ITA-5 (Into Thin Air/KA2QPG) 15Nov00 W6VIO (N5BF opr)<Telemetry 2437
      2. ITA-3 (Into Thin Air/KA2QPG) 04Jun2000 WØRPK<Telemetry 983 Miles

      Greatest Two-Way QSO Repeating/Transponding Great Circle Distance (7
      1. EOSS-46 14Jan01 NØKQX<>N7DMO - 526 Miles
      2. HABITAT SkyLab 07sep02 K9KK<>WØRPK - 478 Miles
      3. HABITAT SkyLab 07sep02 K9KK<>KØRL - 460 Miles

      *Total Missions Flown (8 entries) (revised category)*
      1. EOSS (Edge of Space Sciences) 62 18Nov90-16Nov02
      2. KNSP (KD4STH) 19 02Nov96-10Jul99
      3. NSTAR (N9XTN) 13 07Oct00-02Nov02

      Longest Recovery Time (5 entries)
      1. ROMEG-1 (W4ETV) 04Jul90-18Apr92 653 Days
      2. HamBONE-LD1 27Jun01-10Feb02 228 Days
      3. Bill Brown, WB8ELK 09May98-04Dec98 209 Days

      Touchdown Prediction Closest to Actual Coordinates (31 entries)
      1. Eric Hauber ISU/HABET-L53 26Sep01 10kCC 0.23 Miles
      2. Rick von Glahn, NØKKZ EOSS-57A 22Jun02 96kNB 1.09 Miles
      3. Bill All, N3KKM NSTAR-01B 19May01 95kNB 1.25 Miles
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