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ARHAB flights 2006 as of 01Aug06

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  • Ralph Wallio, W0RPK
    ARHAB flights 2006 001] 07Jan06 VWS-3 VA 002] 08Jan06 SKYLAB KS 003] 21Jan06 UX-6 TN Univ of Tennessee 004]
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
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      ARHAB flights 2006

      001] 07Jan06 VWS-3 VA
      002] 08Jan06 SKYLAB KS
      003] 21Jan06 UX-6 TN Univ of Tennessee
      004] 11Feb06 ANSR-29 AZ
      005] 14Feb06 HABET-L85 IA Iowa State Univ
      006] 18Feb06 AFTI FRANCE
      007] 24Feb06 RED-1 ME
      008] 25Feb06 UX-7 TN Univ of Tennessee
      009] 25Feb06 EOSS-101 CO
      010] 04Mar06 HIBALL-8 AL
      011] 06Mar06 SOLAR MI Grosse Pointe Academy
      012] 18Mar06 EOS-1 NC
      013] 01Apr06 CNNSP-05 NE
      014] 01Apr06 CIBE-LF2 IA
      015] 01Apr06 CNS-008 MO
      016] 08Apr06 EOSS-102 CO
      017] 08Apr06 CONHAB ND Concordia College
      018] 09Apr06 UAH NSSTC AL Univ of Alabama-Huntsville
      019] 09Apr06 TIGERCUB SC Clemson Univ
      020] 15Apr06 UAH NSSTC AL Univ of Alabama-Huntsville
      021] 22Apr06 ANSR-30 AZ
      022] 22Apr06 EOSS-103 CO
      023] 22Apr06 EOSS-104 CO
      024] 22Apr06 TABEL-2 TN
      025] 22Apr06 GRC POST632 2006A OH
      026] 22Apr06 WV-4 WV
      027] 22Apr06 UAH SPACE CLUB AL Univ of Alabama-Huntsville
      028] 27Apr06 TAMU-1 TX Texas A&M Univ
      029] 29Apr06 K5IS TX
      030] 06May06 NNU ID Northwest Nazarene Univ
      031] 07May06 N0BKB/N0ORU 2006A IA
      032] 08May06 RED-2 ME
      033] 12May06 ARALA FRANCE
      034] 13May06 PRSGC-5 PR Puetro Rico Space Grant
      035] 20May06 NS-7 MD Maryland Space Grant
      036] 20May06 ORB-20 OK
      037] 23May06 ACES-4 TX Louisiana State Univ
      038] 24May06 ACES-5 TX Louisiana State Univ
      039] 26May06 HABET-L97 IA Iowa State Univ
      040] 28May06 FITS2006 WA
      041] 03Jun06 ANSR-31 AZ
      042] 03Jun06 CP-01 POLAND
      043] 08Jun06 NS-8 MD Maryland Space Grant
      044] 10Jun06 BLANCHARD-1 PA PA Leadership Charter School
      045] 10Jun06 TAYLOR IN Taylor Univ
      046] 10Jun06 UX-8 TN Univ of Tennessee
      047] 11Jun06 NSTAR-06A IA
      048] 17Jun06 EOSS-105 CO
      049] 17Jun06 EOSS-106 CO
      050] 24Jun06 CNS-010 KS
      051] 24Jun06 TAYLOR IN Taylor Univ
      052] 01Jul06 PRSGC-06 PR Puetro Rico Space Grant
      053] 01Jul06 TABEL-3 TN
      054] 01Jul06 CNNSP-06 NE
      054] 08Jul06 MSGC/PRSGC MA Massachusetts Space Grant
      055] 08Jul06 N0BKB/N0ORU 2006B IA
      056] 08Jul06 N0BKB/N0ORU 2006C IA
      057] 15Jul06 EOSS-107 CO
      058] 15Jul06 EOSS-108 CO
      059] 15Jul06 TVNSP TV06A ID
      060] 16Jul06 N0BKB-N0ORU 2006D IA
      061] 16Jul06 N0BKB/N0ORU 2006E IA
      062] 22Jul06 KD4STH (UNO) NE
      063] 22Jul06 CNS-011 MO
      064] 22Jul06 EOS-2 ME
      065] 23Jul06 TABEL-4 TN
      066] 29Jul06 EOSS-109 CO
      067] 29Jul06 EOSS-110 CO
      068] 30Jul06 N0BKB/N0ORU 2006F IA
      069] 30Jul06 N0BKB/N0ORU 2006G IA
      070] 01Aug06 MSGC NS-9 MD Maryland Space Grant

      TNX es 73 de Ralph Wallio, WØRPK
      Hubbert's Peak - The Mother of all Perfect Storms
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