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Re: [GPSL] Re: Gold Fish in Near Space

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  • Mike Manes
    If you didn t notice the water boiling off, then you probably didn t pull the air down below 100 mbar.
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 24 4:06 PM
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      If you didn't notice the water boiling off, then you probably didn't
      pull the air down below 100 mbar.

      On 7/24/13 4:52 PM, Al Wolfe wrote:
      > We actually tried something like this in high school biology class in
      > about 1959. Put a goldfish in some water in a beaker under a bell jar.
      > Sucked it down and noticed the goldfish burping form time to time. When we
      > let the air back in the fish sank like a rock but then climbed to the
      > surface and gulped air. Happy ending - the fish survived.
      > Looking back it was a probably a silly experiment but we did learn
      > something about how a fish attains neutral buoyancy.
      > Today PETA or ASPCA would probably get rather upset about this sort of
      > experiment.
      > Al, K9SI
      >> If the fish tank were vented to local ambient pressure, then it would
      >> quite likely boil off entirely since the thermal mass of the water would
      >> keep the temperature above the triple point above 50K'. Easy to test
      >> in your vacuum chamber, if you don't mind sucking water vapor thru your
      >> pump.
      >> 73 de Mike W5VSI
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