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Fwd: Fwd: Trans-Atlantic manned cluster balloon flight: Update

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  • Mike Manes
    FYI. Sounds interesting! Not sure if there ll be APRS aboard. The pix were just of a common hot air balloon so I del ed em. 73 de Mike W5VSI ... Subject:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2013
    FYI. Sounds interesting! Not sure if there'll be APRS aboard.
    The pix were just of a common hot air balloon so I del'ed 'em.
    73 de Mike W5VSI

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    Subject: Fwd: Trans-Atlantic cluster balloon flight: Update
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    Subject: Trans-Atlantic cluster balloon flight: Update

    Hello Balloonists, friends:

    The weather system for our trans-Atlantic crossing has not yet arrived.
    We are No-go for week 3.


    Last week was a struggle working with a new face of the U.S. FAA. We
    have long been in contact with different components of our FAA-- both
    the administrative sections (e.g. airworthiness certifications,
    inspections, etc) and the operations side (e.g. air traffic control.)
    However, as I’m in a new physical region, and in a different
    geographical FAA district, I encountered a new FAA district office, with
    representatives of the Administrator that are not familiar with my
    aircraft. This led to a very tense week until, in the end, they
    formally said they would defer to the district office that originally
    certificated the aircraft, and issued the airworthiness certificate.
    This is good because that FAA office better understand how this aircraft
    flies, and they understand that it can be flown safely and reliably by
    an appropriately trained pilot. I’ve also been in contact with that
    office—my ‘home’ FAA office-- regarding this expedition since last year.

    I’m not out of the woods yet. They asked for a 24-month inspection
    certificate on the transponder, which is customary and required under
    Title 14 regulations. For that inspection, I worked with the same
    avionics professional that inspected the equipment on Sir Richard
    Branson and Per Lindstrand’ s balloon back in 1987—the first hot-air
    balloon to cross the Atlantic. The avionics tech completed that
    inspection for Branson/Lindstrand, and did my test and inspection last
    week; there were no issues with the transponder; we have that test and
    paperwork complete. Maybe it is good luck to have the equipment
    inspected by the same tech that checked that great 1987 flight! They
    made it across the Atlantic! Um, then they ditched into the Irish
    Sea. In rough seas. At night. Hmm.


    If you are in Maine, you can catch the segment “The Green Outdoors” on
    *NBC* *Monday night*, *6PM* featuring our aircraft and expedition. Bill
    Green came up to Aroostook County to discuss the project with us,
    and to wish us well. In addition, there will also be a segment on his
    other program, “Bill Green’s Maine,” later in the season. Both air
    on the following channels:

    NBC WCSH Channel 6 Portland

    NBC WLBZ Channel 2 Bangor


    I had the great opportunity to take an orientation flight here, and to
    get the lay of the County from the perspective of a balloon. While
    studying the charts can tell you a lot, it is a great deal better to
    see it with your own eyes! “Oh! That is the what the tower from the
    sectional looks like!” It was a beautiful flight—thank you to Bill,
    Jim, Carla and team for getting us aloft.

    Updates soon— especially if our specialized weather system develops.

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