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Re: [GPSL] BASE 76 completed

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    We flew under W9YJ-11 (the campus club call). Howard ________________________________ From: Pete Lilja To: BASE Cc:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 24, 2013
      We flew under W9YJ-11 (the campus club call).


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      109K' up and 3.25 miles across the ground!  Wow!  What a flight profile.  Too bad they aren't all that way.
      I missed it on aprs.fi.  Which call sign was used?  I'd like to look at that if for no other reason than to have a visual on what a dream chase looks like.
      Ha!  I'll bet you didn't get a chance to pawn-off the latex on some unsuspecting kid, either!

      On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 3:42 PM, BASE <basedepauw@...> wrote:
      Dear friends,

      BASE 76 was completed today without any serious issues.  We used an 800 gram Hwoyee balloon with hydrogen carrying a payload of 3.75 pounds with an ascent rate of 1300 ft/min.  Burst was at 108,700 feet.  Landing in a soybean field.  The great circle distance was only 3.25 miles or 5.24 kilometers.  We could see the Northmont High School building from the road next to the field where we recovered the payload.

      Looking at the ARHAB records, this is one of the shortest flights ever.  It is the shortest ever for the BASE program.

      We're headed later this week to the Academic High Altitude Conference at Taylor University.  Our payload may hitchhike a ride on Wednesday.  BASE 77 is scheduled for next Monday.

      Thanks for your support,
      Howard, KC9QBN

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