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Re: [GPSL] Velcro Hook & Loop

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  • Bruce Coates
    Hi Steve We ve used it several times and it s worked fine, wet or dry. Our failures have never been due to the Velcro joint failing. For extra strength, you
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 21, 2013
      Hi Steve

      We've used it several times and it's worked fine, wet or dry.  Our failures have never been due to the Velcro joint failing.  For extra strength, you can borrow a technique used on my recumbent bicycle.  It has a webbing seat that's held in place with Velcro closures.  They sew Velcro onto both surfaces of one side and use a pair of straps on the other side.  When assembled, it creates a sandwich with two Velcro surfaces.  The seat uses two joints with Velcro patches about 3 inches square and this supports all of my weight.  I've ridden through sun, wind, rain, and even a bit of snow, (but never to space) and the joints have never budged.

      73, Bruce - VE5BNC
      SABRE - http://ve5aa.dyndns.org/balloon

      On 21/06/2013 3:42 AM, Steve Randall wrote:

      Do any of you guys use velcro for payload closure - and if so how do you find it. It seems if its wet it can fail - but that only seems to be when its being attached together - not its its already attached. My own testing hasn't shown up any problems.

      Steve G8KHW

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