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iHAB-10 Launch Announcement

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    iHAB-10 Launch Announcement The iHAB Team is excited to announce the next launch of the iHAB Project ! iHAB-10 is scheduled to launch Friday May 10, 2013 at
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      iHAB-10 Launch Announcement

      The iHAB Team is excited to announce the next launch of the iHAB Project! iHAB-10 is scheduled to launch Friday May 10, 2013 at 14:00Z (9AM Local).  iHAB-10 is titled, "Lemme" for Lemme Elementary School, where the kindergarten class has designed and decorated 19 CanisterLabs.  This launch will be a demonstration for the student, teachers, and parents. 

      Launch Date/Time 
      Friday May 10th, 2013
      Webcast: 13:ØØZ - 8AM Local Time
      Launch: 14:ØØZ - 9AM
      Local Time

      Launch Location
      Lemme ElementarySchool
      3100 E. Washington St.
      Iowa City, IA 52236
      N 41.6626, W -91.4875

      Payload includes 19 CanisterLabs from the kindergarten students at Lemme Elementary School, a UHF/VHF CrossBand Repeater.  Uplink: 446.000 PL:100 & Downlink 147.500.  Everyone is invited to work contacts via the balloon while it is aloft.  Expected range will be about 250 miles, so monitoring the downlink frequency will be easy with a modest antenna.

      Visit http://www.ihabproject.com/iHAB-10/ for updatedFlight News, and Launch Information.

      ===  The launch of iHAB-10 will be webcast LIVE starting at/around 8:00AM, so please plan to visit Mission Control. ===


      Beacon Signal Reports - Spot Here


      • WØJV - Iowa City, IA

      146.850 MHz -, No Tone
      Echolink Node : NONE

      • KCØTIK - Iowa City, IA

      147.420 MHz -, PL: 192.8
      IRLP Node : 3191

      Telemetry & Tracking:

      • APRS (legacy)

      Balloon Telemetry-> HERE
      Chase Vehicle Telemetry-> HERE
      Both Telemetry-> HERE


       600g He

      Payload #1:

      APRS - WØOTM-11
      Alinco DJ-C7 - VHF/UHF 3ØØ/5ØØmw

      UHF/VHF CrossBand Repeater

      Uplink: 446.000Mhz PL:100

      Downlink: 147.500Mhz
      Signal Reports - Spot Here

      GoPro® HD HERO 3
      1080p HD video



      Keep Looking Up!
      Marshall Dias - W

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