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NSS-52 "Put A Cork In It" is Ready To Fly

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  • Joe
    NSS Near Space Sciences is pleased to announce it s net UP-COMING flight NSS-52 Put A Cork In It This is again a long duration attempt but using a Totex and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2013
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      NSS Near Space Sciences is pleased to announce it's net UP-COMING flight NSS-52 "Put A Cork In It"

      This is again a long duration attempt but using a Totex and Not a Hoywee balloon.

      Balloon will be a Totex TA-2000
      Lift Gas H2
      This has an automatic gas release valve in the neck of the balloon that uses a string inside the balloon to determine when the valve will be opened.

      If valve fails, balloon will fly as a regular flight and burst at about 120K feet.
      If it works as hoped it should open the valve and level off at about 75K feet.

      launch will be 00:00Z 02/05/2013  ( 6 PM CST Monday Evening)
      Payload will run 300 milliwatts standard aprs on 144.39 MHz. call will be KB9KHO-1
      With a 1 minute toggle schedule. every minute will have location, and every other minute will have telemetry added to the location string.
      Telemetry will be status of the valve as well as temps in and out, volts of batterys as well as the solar panel. This payload can in theroy run forever as long as it gets sunshine.

      A tracking page / chat room is made and ready at.


      We will be there during balloon fill and of course to monitor during the flight.

      Launch all depends on ground winds again since launching from my yard. So calm enough winds are needed. watch here on GPSL for the GO / NOGO call as the launch time gets closer.

      Joe WB9SBD

      The Original Rolling Ball Clock
      Idle Tyme
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