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Fw: World Year of Physics 2005 April Newsletter

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  • Ralph Wallio, W0RPK
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      World Year of Physics 2005 Newsletter - April 2005

      "Help Make 2005 Another Miraculous Year"

      In this issue:

      1. Physics Enlightens the World

      2. Einstein@Home makes it onto 100,000 PCs

      3. Searching for the next Einstein

      4. WYP Promotional Kits

      5. WYP Merchandise

      6. 2005 Event Finder now online!


      Happy World Year of Physics 2005! Many exciting things are happening during
      2005. Check our website for the latest details regarding our projects.

      You're receiving this message because you signed up to be on the list at our
      website or at an APS, AAPT or other scientific meeting. This newsletter,
      containing information about the World Year of Physics 2005, is distributed
      approximately every six weeks.

      1. Physics Enlightens the World---Last Chance to Participate!!

      In the World Year of Physics 2005 as many people as possible should get the
      feeling to be part of a great physics community spanning the whole globe.
      "Physics enlightens the world" is an endeavour to achieve just that: A
      world-wide relay of light to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Albert
      Einstein's death on next Monday, April 18, 2005. For more information,
      click on: http://www.physics2005.org/events/projects.html

      2. Einstein@Home makes it onto 100,000 PCs

      Einstein@Home--our distributed computing project to search for gravitational
      waves--was officially launched on February 18. We have 72,337 registered
      users so far who have volunteered time on a total of more than 100,000
      computers. Participants currently represent over 140 countries. The raw
      computational capacity of the participants' CPUs is over 85 TeraFlops
      (floating point operations per second), which exceeds the capacity of IBM's
      Blue Gene L (70.72 Tflops), the record holding, stand-alone supercomputer.
      Join in the search for gravitational waves today! Sign up at:

      3. Searching for the next generation of physics talent

      The World Year of Physics 2005 Physics Talent Search project is now
      beginning in earnest. Both students and evaluators are urged to participate
      (evaluators must be members of APS or AAPT). Students' results are due by
      July 31, 2005. All awards and recognitions will be completed by the US
      Organizing Committee no later than 15 September 2005. Sign up today at:

      4. WYP Promotional Kits

      Now that the World Year of Physics 2005 is upon us, how about getting an
      official World Year of Physics 2005 Promotional Kit! Kits include lapel
      pins, magazines, balloons, pens, glasses and posters, or you can purchase
      individual items as you require. These items work great as door prizes,
      science awards for your graduates, or fun give-away items for volunteers at
      demo shows or at formal events. Order your kit online at:

      5. WYP Merchandise

      Get your WYP2005 Merchandise now! Watches, T-Shirts, Umbrellas, Baseball
      Caps and more... Get your cool stuff today at:

      6. Register your event on our 2005 Event Finder!

      The WYP2005 Online Event Finder is available. We want to hear about YOUR
      World Year of Physics event in the United States. Add your open house,
      public lecture, lab tour, or physics demonstrations to our online event
      finder so others in your area (and around the country) can find out about
      your events.

      Click here to submit your events:


      For more information on the World Year of Physics 2005, email vinaya@...
      or visit our website at http://www.physics2005.org

      If you would like to be removed from this list, email physics2005@...
      with the word REMOVE in the subject line.
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