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RE: [GPSL2012] GPSL 2012 Frequency Coordination

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  • Bruce Coates
    Hi Mark I ll be flying two trackers on 144.390. They re currently set for time slots of 15 and 45 seconds but I can adjust that if needed. Also, what s the
    Message 1 of 2 , May 14, 2012

      Hi Mark


      I’ll be flying two trackers on 144.390.  They’re currently set for time slots of 15 and 45 seconds but I can adjust that if needed.  Also, what’s the recommended path settings?  Mine are currently set for longer paths than you’d normally use purely because there’s nobody around for miles up here.  ;-)  Both of mine can also be set to change their path based on altitude.


      73, Bruce – VE5BNC



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      GPSL 2012 attendees:

      I have started a spreadsheet with frequency coordination details at :


      or http://bit.ly/JeDjB2

      This is a read-only document which I'll update as I get inputs.
      Please e-mail me your desired APRS frequency and time slot, plus any
      other non-APRS RF emitters you plan to fly, and I'll post them on the

      We should have local APRS I-gate coverage for 144.34, 144.36, and
      144.39, plus whatever mobile coverage people bring.

      We now have seven flights planned for Saturday: NearSys, EOSS,
      WB8ELK, SparkFun, SABRE, ORB/Traveler, and NIXHAB. NSTAR will not be
      flying but I'll be roaming around trying to get as much video and
      stills as possible. Total attendance looks to be around 40 at this

      Note that hydrogen payment is due next Monday (May 21st). Also, if
      you plan to attend please provide me a head count of your party so we
      have accurate numbers for the museum tour and the meals.

      73 de Mark N9XTN

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