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GPSL Website Update

I have been continuing to update the GPSL website, however we are having some problems with an update on the current hosting provider, so we are in the middle
Zack Clobes
May 21

HAB Groups in Europe

Is there a central place to find near space groups in Europe or is the ARHAB website in the US complete enough? Thanks
L. Paul Verhage
May 20

S3Research Flight Predictor Update

I have put out a out an update to my flight prediction tool.  It is at http://s3research.com/tools/flightpredictor/ If you liked the old one it is available
Jerry Gable
May 16

Re: Cannon Powershot A560

Joe, I looked back in my CHDK scripts, and I used the command set_focus 99999 to set the focus at infinity, while the exposure is still on automatic. I am
May 8
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    Strato 1n.bas

Cannon Powershot A560

In the days before the Go-Pro's came to be, The Cannon Powershot Series of Cameras were the Cadillac of balloon flight cameras. With the easily programmable
May 7

Updated rosters

Many, many of you have already pre-paid for your GPSL registration, and I thank you all very much. I have the attendee list updated on the website, and for
Zack Clobes
May 6

NSTAR 17-A flight completed today

After three different cancellations (including two for events) due to unfavorable landings or surface conditions, NSTAR 17-A finally got off the ground this
    Mark Conner
    May 6
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    Which GoPro camera models are different balloon groups flying and ho

    I have the older models with a backpack battery and usually get around 3 hours record time. I was curious what the experience has been with anyone flying the
    May 5

    Re: Balloon Ascent Rate and Rising and Falling Air

    The atmosphere is very dynamic.  Winds do not merely move horizontally.  A prime example is found on flights in which pre-burst chaos is observed.  One
    May 4

    Re: Balloon Ascent Rate and Rising and Falling Air

    Now that I reread your question you said ascent, not descent. My first reason probably doesn't have much affect on ascent.  My second does but I think it will
    Jerry Gable
    May 4

    Re: Balloon Ascent Rate and Rising and Falling Air

    My guess is it is mostly GPS and report time errors.  Mark Conner can probably give a more definitive answer but from what I have seen the vertical wind
    Jerry Gable
    May 4

    Balloon Ascent Rate and Rising and Falling Air

    I see small and frequent variations in a balloon's ascent rate. I thought the variation was due to GPS errors. But now I wonder how much might be due to air
    L. Paul Verhage
    May 4

    Re: Fwd: High Altitude Balloon Speaker in SF Area?

    Interesting. I live in Oakland, so very close to these folks. And I've launched a few balloons as the focus of a class I teach at UC Davis. If you don't have
    May 3
    May 2

    Re: Helium Article in Chemistry World

    save LOTS of money! H2 here costs 10% of what HE costs. Joe WB9SBD Sig The Original Rolling Ball Clock Idle Tyme Idle-Tyme.com http://www.idle-tyme.com
    May 1
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