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9920Re: Amateur Balloonist Code of Conduct

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  • Dave
    Jun 1, 2011
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      --- In GPSL@yahoogroups.com, Mike Manes <mrmanes@...> wrote:
      > Short of citing the Ten Commandments, one guiding principle
      > should be "Do no harm". But that does imply that one is aware of
      > all the risks associated with balloonacy - and it seems that may
      > not be entirely the case for some latecomer Mythbuster wannabes.
      > The FAA regs address most of the risks in the national airspace,
      > and FCC regs cover those in the national radio spectrum - both are
      > good starting points.

      The "Do No Harm" rule sounds like a good start, although compliance
      with the various laws, regulations, and rules should also be

      Be a little careful, though, about quoting FCC/FAA regulations,
      since these only apply to the US (and, there's a lot more of the
      world outside of the US). For that matter, one of the considerations
      for US based balloonists may be that their balloons don't drift into
      another nation's air space (or, how to comply if it does/is intended

      > 73 de Mike W5VSI

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