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9118Re: [GPSL] The Old Battery Packs

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  • Mike Manes
    Jan 1, 2011
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      Hi Joe,

      Those were outdated LiSO2 primary cells, originally rated at 7 AH, but back
      in the '90's, we ran a "typical EOSS payload" test on 'em (500 - 750 mA, IIRC)
      and got 4AH out of a 5S pack before the loaded voltage dropped below 12.0V.

      BTW, those easy-to-open surplus packs are extinct, so far as I was able to
      figure a couple of years ago; that's why we switched over to Li-ion 18650's.
      I think you can still find some of the newer plastic-cased packs with the
      same cells, but they run over $100 apiece and they're a booger to harvest
      cells from.

      I have a huge pile of partially discharged cells under my bench that I've got
      to drain and dispose of. Any takers? :=)

      73 de Mike W5VSI

      On 1/1/2011 20:44, Joe wrote:
      > That we used to buy surplus. Had like 10 kinda "D" sized cells in therm and
      > you broke it apart and got two flights worth of cells from one pack.
      > what was the AH rating on those? I'm remembering like 7AH?
      > and what was the chemistry?
      > Joe WB9SBD
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