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808WB8ELK balloon status

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  • wb8elk@aol.com
    Jul 1, 2004
      Due to my insane work schedule this past month and particularly this week (17 hour work day yesterday), I won't be flying a balloon this year at GPSL since I have to fly to Kansas instead of drive.......however, I will bring my micro-beacon (audio voice ID with 30 milliwatt FM transmitter on 144.31 MHz). If someone wants to fly it along with their payload for Saturday's flights, let me know Friday at the symposium....it weighs about 3 ounces with a lithium 9 Volt. If someone has an extra Ultralife lithium 9 volt or can pick one up at Radio Shack, please bring it on Friday...otherwise hopefully the Hutchinson Radio Shack will have some....they were sold out at my local store.

      See you all there,

      - Bill WB8ELK