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5999Re: [GPSL] Line between the balloon and the parachute ?

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  • Joe
    Sep 4, 2009
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      to us it all depends on what we are flying.

      The Balloon tho chute distance is like others have said, at lease long enough that all the balloon remenains can fall completely way past the chute and shroud lines.

      In our flights this is raarely a problem.

      On a RF flight like a corssband repeater the chute is usually close to the payload.  the gather where all the shroud lines come together, is usually 5 feet ot so from the payload,  whatever is a convient left over piece of line.  And then the line from the top of chute to balloon is usually long enough that the balloon leftovers can fall below the payload if possible..

      Now a Video flight,  the distance from payload to chute is similar,,  but the distance between the chute and the balloon  always depends on the wind at launch time  if it's windy it will be about 100 feet long,  and if it's calm  then we go as much as 300 feet.

      Joe WB9SBD

      74115 wrote:
      My load line from capsule #1 to balloon is 8-10 feet.
      73 Harry
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