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5349Results Reach For Space Flight #24

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  • Jerome Doerrie
    Jun 1, 2009
      Reach For Space Flight #24

      After repeated weeks of postponements we were able to launch from the K5IS/N5IS farm near Booker, TX,on Saturday May 30th. Flight time was 91 minutes for our 1200 gram balloon with 6.0 pounds of payload in three packages.. The 144.390 APRS failed at lift off. (Low battery voltage) thus WL7ii-11 did not provided any data during the flight. On the way home it did come alive and provide some useless position reports. The Find Me Spot provided three items on the way up and just one item on the way down. Our only winds were on the surface which had gusts over 20 mph at lift off. Balloon traveled just 12.27 miles to the ESE landing 2 miles west and 1 mile north of Darrouzett, TX. Estimated altitude may be between 76,000 and 80,000 feet. The parachute did not open properly and payloads hit the ground hard. The 28.322 MHz oscillator chip bounced out of its socket. During the flight this WL7ii beacon was copied in Cisco, TX, and Midland, TX, and
      Colorado Springs, CO. The 433.40 (15 mw) and 28.748 (150 mw) K5TTU beacons survived the crash. The center conductor of the 144.390 coaxial dipole snapped off sometime before we recovered the payloads. Spot unit shifted within its case and the two button switches caught under the case edges, turning it off. It is very rare for us to have a flight of less than a 100 miles. Our flight camera failed to record any images. A more detailed report is posted on RSFHAB@yahoogroups.com. Jerome, K5IS@..., flight director.
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