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4355W5GB-9 appears to be on a large balloon somewhere over NM or AZ

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  • wb8elk@aol.com
    Jun 1, 2008
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      While looking at the APRS propagation page to see if any band openings (a massively large tropo event covering the entire state of Texas was evident), I noticed the telltale sign of a high altitude balloon over Arizona/New Mexico that was being copied as far away as Blythe, CA.....it appears to be an APRS transmitter onboard a large scientific balloon launched from Holloman in NM and shows up as W5GB-9 (the NMSU, Las Cruces Radio Club)....it appears to have been up since 1400z yesterday...the last transmission I see was at 0908z. Their GPS appears to have failed early on in the flight as the altitude hasn't reported above 12000m and it is now showing a position over Brazil moving at 586 mph....but the digipeaters receiving it show it near Arizona.
      I can find no other info on the flight and can't find the NMSU radio club's website....if anyone has any more details on this flight, it'd be greatly appreciated.
      They may have cut the balloon down since I haven't seen anything since 0908z.
      73s de Bill WB8ELK

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