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4231Helium Order Estimate

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  • dlkaiser23
    May 4 1:10 PM
      We are attempting to get an idea of how many bottles of helium are needed for GPSL.

      The situation is this:
      We don't know what the price may be, but think it will be somewhere around twice the
      cost it has been in the past.
      We are not sure we can find a source for as much as we will need, but we are in the
      process of researching this and have a new lead to follow up on.
      We need to know how many bottles you would like to have available for your use.

      Please respond to this email with your name, your group and the number of bottles desired. I
      will track this for Troy who is trying to locate a source for us.

      Thank you.

      Deb Kaiser
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