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3611Re: [GPSL] GPSL 2008 Dates

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  • Zack Clobes
    Sep 1, 2007
      I like the idea of an extra day.  My class is talking about holding their reunion on either the last weekend in July, or the first weekend in August.

      On the other hand, a non-holiday weekend generally works best for Jon.


      Roger Hammond wrote:

      My only preference to the holiday weekend is due to my lovely bride, Arlene, KC0ZWX having limited vacation time with her current employer.
      We'll do our best to be there no matter what the date.
      Rog KCØMWM
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      As most of you know by now Near Space Ventures and CAPnSPACE will be hosting the 2008 GPSL conference here in Kansas City, MO. Tentatively we scheduled it for later than the traditional 4th of July weekend by almost a month moving it to July 31 - Aug 3, which is actually one day longer than usual.

      My question to you today is if this is OK, or if not what dates work out better for you, and if so give me some kind of reading on how important those dates are? I will collect the dates sent me and then post a survey on our GPSL Yahoo page and let you guys choose when to hold next years conference. I would like to hear from as many individuals as possible, this conference is for each of us, the groups just support our launches. It might seem we are starting this process a bit early but the sooner we all know for sure the easier it should be to clear our calendars for the event.

      The extra day was an idea I had for an optional day for static displays by groups and vendors (Garmin, NOAA, FAA, etc.), I've not talked to anyone yet but thought it sounded like a good idea. Let me know what you think.

      nearspaceventures. com/gpsl2008/

      Keith D Kaiser
      Director, Near Space Ventures
      nearspaceventures. com
      bsaroundtable. com

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