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2965Re: [Balloons-Rockets] regulations, Canada

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  • Mike Manes
    Mar 5, 2007
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      Hi David,

      I haven't seen a response to your inquiry here, but I think
      that there's at least one VE balloon group active. So I've
      copied the GPSL Balloon Sked reflectors and Ralph Wallio,
      W0RPK, the ad hoc ARHAB archivist.

      73 de Mike W5VSI, EOSS

      David wrote:
      > Greetings all, I have just signed on the list and a few of us are looking to try some telemetry via balloon. I would like to know if there are any Canadians on board to verify what we have learned so far on the regulations.
      > This will be our first balloon and it will be something simple like building an accelerometer ,FM transmitter and temp.
      > We will be tome modulating the FM with the infor from the accelerometer and temperature transducer.
      > We hope to launch on a perfectly calm day for the first run and to bring the payload back down nearby.
      > The next try will be on less calm day and inform our friends in the eastern US and Canada to watch out for our ID and try to track it for us.
      > Hope to hear from you.
      > cheers David ve3bbn
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