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2722Re: FWD: Announcing the Micro-Trak 300

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  • Hank
    Nov 1, 2006
      MC> There is some discussion of this issue on the TinyTrak group,
      MC> however, it appears to involved custom SMT crystals and would
      MC> be MC an outright replacement rather than a switchable config.
      MC> They are thinking about a production run for 144.80 MHz to
      MC> support Europe APRS.

      Here is one exact statement from that group:

      ------------begin quote from "Allen", VHS Products--------

      I am leaning towards doing a small run of modules on 144.800
      and see where it goes, <snip>

      -------------------end quote------------------------------

      MC> I dunno if we have enough market to make a 144.34 MHz
      MC> production run worthwhile.

      Note that the above statement from VHS is about a
      "small run."

      Even if doing 144.34 is not economically attractive to *VHS*,
      it doesn't preclude us from our own hack, including a
      2 crystal config.

      HAB is not supposed to be about appliance operating, although
      of course it's nice to have stuff ready made. It's NICE, but
      not a NECESSITY.

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