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1796Re: [GPSL] Project: Traveler to fly this morning

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  • Zack Clobes
    Nov 1, 2005
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      We've flown these types of batteries before.  I don't believe that there's anything inherently wrong with the type, however being a virgin battery, I could see possibly having some sort of defect in it that was pressure sensitive.


      wb8elk@... wrote:
      Hi Zack,

       The next question I was going to ask was about the battery you had flown on the PT...I typically use the Ultralife lithium 9-volt. Since you died out abruptly, here's a thought:

       On my very first balloon flight, I suddenly lost power at around 50 to 60,000 feet...I was running Kodak lithium flat polymer batteries....one theory that was posed at the time was that the flat plastic batteries had expanded due to the vacuum and the cells had lost continuity....perhaps a good test would be to run that R/C polymer battery in a vacuum chamber like EOSS possesses and see what happens to it.

      However, since you PT didn't have it's VCO compensated for balloon flight temperatures, then that's a good likelihood for your failure...I drill a hole in the Altoids tin so I can access the VCO tuning coil with the Altoids lid shut, otherwise it's almost impossible to adjust.

      73s de Bill WB8ELK

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