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1705Re: [KNSP] Stronger balloons?

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  • Mike Manes
    Oct 1, 2005
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      Hi Mike,

      Yeah, mylar is stronger, but it's also heavier and it doesn't stretch.
      So a mylar bag that can accomodate a volume expansion of 100 x,
      necessary to go from sea level to 100K', would very like outweigh
      the payload by many times. The modest 1200 gram (2.64 lb) latex bag
      expands to about 30 ft diameter just prior to burst.

      And if you think latex is fragile, try keeping holes out of the
      0.25 or 0.35 mil polyethylene skin of a Raven plastic balloon during
      prep and fill!

      73 de Mike W5VSI
      Prez EOSS

      upand_at_them wrote:
      > Has anyone ever tried large Mylar balloons? With how fragile latex
      > seems to be, and thinking that a sturdier balloon would achieve greater
      > altitudes, I thought someone might have tried Mylar.
      > Mike
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