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14499Re: [GPSL] M0XER-4

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  • James Ewen
    Aug 23, 2014
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      Okay, this is starting to get a little silly...

      We're going to have to look at putting up a lap counter or something to keep track of Leo's M0XER flights.

      B-64 is out in the lead on lap 3, right? B-66 should be closing in on finishing lap 2, and B-63 is pulling up the rear, somewhere around lap 2.5 or so.

      Actually I'm starting to lose hope on seeing B-63 again... It's been almost 2 weeks since we heard it over Korea. These payloads really show a lot of persistence, and obviously they can have a great deal of longevity, but I think 2 weeks of circling over the Pacific Ocean is a little long.

      Given the evidence that the transmissions ceased over an area with receivers available also points to the possibility of a hardware failure. Solar was good, batteries were good, temperature was good, and 8 sats in view. Altitude was holding, so it didn't drop to the ground. 

      But, it might still surprise us. Maybe it's investigating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the North Pacific Gyre.

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