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14497Poll and spam clearance

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  • Mark Conner
    Aug 22, 2014

      I put up a poll to get an idea of how often users are experiencing issues with getting posts successfully distributed to the GPSL list.  Every now and again it seems like Yahoo settles on one or two users to mess with and won't post their messages.  Please put an entry in the poll even if you don't have any problems, or don't post often enough to know.  I would like a broad sampling so we get a good idea of how often the problems occurs.

      Also, while poking around the management interface I found a 10-day old post from Adam in the spam folder and released it.  I don't get notices when a message goes in there, and I rarely do any maintenance through the interface.  

      Once again I'm considering putting the Yahoo instance of the GPSL list into suspended animation and starting a new list with the existing subscriber base at Google Groups.  I'll put a poll up about that too.

      73 de Mark N9XTN
      GPSL list owner