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14485Jerry's prediction :)

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  • Alan Adamson
    Aug 21, 2014
      So figured I'd try everything...

      Some new firmware to fix a little bug that I found recently, predicting
      with both the UK predictor and Jerry's.

      Gen'd the overlay for aprs.... Guess we'll see what happens...


      typical flight vehicle.
      15gr - tracker, lipo, solar panels
      10mW Silab radio on 144.390
      35mW on 145.825 when ISS is overhead of the tracker (next one today
      14-08-21 2:35p - 2:46p EDT at atlanta, is an 85 degree pass)
      vertical dipole antenna
      220mah 1S 3.7v lipo
      50" tether between balloon and tracker made of 30lb braided fishing line
      36" Silver foil Party balloon
      approx 2gr of free lift - I was trying to anticipate the weight of the
      tape that is used to tie off the tracker, seal the balloon, etc... so it
      may be +/- of that a smidge...

      Not that its really a concern, but clear pvc heatshrink - 2mil thick
      over tracker and battery/gps - was curious what the internal temps would
      be like note in black

      Another Automagic path flight - hope I don't live to regret that as it's
      probably going off shore for a while. Switches from Wide2-1 to no-path
      at 2000mtrs

      Beacon rate is 2 beacons on 2 min intervals 15 seconds apart

      Only time will tell :) - Also planning a flight to 100Kft with Mark
      Conner at the end of the month... Checkout flight for HAB. Been to 85k
      - everything worked, but also where I found the recent bug :)...