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14478RE: [GPSL] Tracker interest

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  • Barry Sloan
    Aug 16, 2014
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      And how many are still launching balloons with just one tracker and hoping it doesn’t fail?
      Flying a second “back-up” tracker in its own enclosure 5-10 ft from the main payload with cameras and other equipment that can, and often does, interfere with the main tracker’s GPS is always a good idea and I’m sure many would like a $100 tracker for this.
      Personally, I would buy 3 or 4 and use two for both, the primary and backup tracker on flights.
      And the others – it never hurts to have a spare plus it would be fun to try a few floater flights myself.
      (Alan – is your tracker capable of time slotting transmissions yet? It’s a must, or at least very desirable, when using several trackers on a flight, but if not I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to add.)

      Barry VE6SBS

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      I would do one for a hundred in a heartbeat. Could this be used in a floater? Would like to try a floater with some of my interested students but don't want to lose our primary tracker.

      Thanks for the great info!!!

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      So if you've got all the costs listed, and my math works properly,
      you're looking at about $51 cost for the parts alone. Figure in
      assembly and some return on investment and development, you're looking
      around $100 each?

      You can probably find a few people interested in that.

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