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  • James Ewen
    Aug 14 4:31 PM
      Wow, it's been a long dry spell... no M0XER payloads to watch for a
      long time, but M0XER-4 has finally moved back into range of VE6NH up
      in Alaska.

      The projected trajectories for the payload after it left Norway were
      for it to do a few loops around the Arctic, and hopefully loop back
      down around Yellowknife. However it looks like the payload got a
      little dizzy, and ended up heading into the Bering Sea before heading
      back north along the coast and into Alaska.

      Predictions show the payload heading back into the Arctic Ocean, and
      touring the North Pole again. If it were a little further east, it
      might have a chance of catching the flow across the Territories. Where
      it's at though, it looks to be headed far north.

      Mark, what's your HYSPLIT info tell you?

      M0XER-3 needs to pop up some day soon... it's been MIA for almost 5 days.

      My M0XER-6 long range prediction shows it making landfall over the
      Alaska Panhandle...

      The ongoing saga continues!

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