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13783ANSR-80 Cross-Band Repeater to fly this Saturday from Yuma Hamfest

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  • Jack Crabtree
    Feb 11, 2014
      The ANSR Cross-Band repeater will fly this Saturday from the Yuma Hamfest and Arizona Section ARRL Convention. Launch will be at 9:00 A.M. MST (1600 UTC). Peak altitude should be reached about  10:15-10:30 MST (1715-1730 UTC). It would be great to take this opportunity to break our existing 777 mile record for a cross-band QSO. Stations who can access high altitude perches in California, Utah, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado are especially invited to make contacts during this flight.
      The uplink will be on 145.56 MHz with a 162.2 Hz tone. The downlink is on 445.525 MHz. APRS will be available on www.aprs.fi with the call signs of KA7NSR-11 and KA7NSR-13.
      Your participation on this flight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
      Jack, W7JLC
      ANSR President