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13639Re: [GPSL] Fwd: Event partner at Annual BalloonSat Competition 2013-14

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  • L. Paul Verhage
    Oct 22, 2013

      I got a copy this morning. I must be even less important.


      On Oct 22, 2013 12:56 PM, "Keith Kaiser" <wa0tjt@...> wrote:

      I've been getting these for months. I'm just not sure what is going on. I was even invited to speak at the event.
      I have not sent them anything, mine, yours, or even the ARHAB logos. I figure if they want them, they are available on the interent.

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      On 22 Oct 2013, at 13:36, Mike Manes <mrmanes@...> wrote:



      Just got this email from Antariksha Labs in Bangalore. The link
      to the .pdf goes thru Google Doc, but I did visit the web site,
      and it appears to be a legitimate operation. They even plan on
      using ham radio for APRS. It seems that all they are asking
      for, at the git go anyway, is permission to use your balloon group

      I did send my personal regrets, but maybe others out there in the
      ARHAB world may wish to respond otherwise.

      73 de Mike W5VSI
      CTO EOSS

      -------- Original Message --------
      Subject: Event partner at Annual BalloonSat Competition 2013-14
      Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 13:30:03 +0530
      From: Antariksha Labs <info@...>
      To: mrmanes@...


      We are proud to offer a wonderful opportunity for you to
      be our event partner for the 1st Annual BalloonSat Competition 2013-14
      to be held in Bangalore, India.

      This event was supported and modified by the Executive
      Director of American Astronautical Society, Mr. James Kirkpatrick who
      was asked to organize a Cansat event in India but due to certain norms
      of rocket procedures in India, we modified it to a balloon launch. Other
      procedures like mentoring, preliminary design review,critical design
      review, post flight review will be carried as planned and each team will
      be guided by experienced candidates like from your lab and other
      organizations. We have already seen heavy response from the students
      from entire country and we are willing forward to carry out this
      competition with your help.

      We are hosting this event to stimulate students'
      interest in space science and technology, and provide them with an
      opportunity to participate in a conceptual satellite mission. The event
      concentrates on a student payload design with their own experiment taken
      up to near space altitude to test on their work and retrieve the data
      back for observation. The event grabs the knowledge of each and every
      stream of science/engineering which encourages every one. We're sure
      this event will call in a lot of audience around. We have been working
      in for Space Research for the development of cubesats for quite a while,
      and believe that triggering this event would boost in all the students
      to take in interest into the multi-disciplinary work.

      Now we would want you to be as one of our event
      partners. The token from a company like yours will give us and the
      students enough exposure and confidence to participate in the event. We
      hope that you accept our offer and join us for the event.

      On your approval, we would like to add your company logo
      on our website and event advertisements. We have attached the event
      advertisement for you to have a glimpse of what the event is about and
      we would be glad to put in your name onto it. Feel free to ask in for
      further details or any clarification.

      Expecting a positive response from your side.

      Thanking You,

      S Subramanya Joshi,
      Antariksha Labs, Founder & CEO
      Mob: +91-9483054162

      Annual Balloonsat Competition 2013-14 Adv.pdf

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