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12975Re: [Ballooning] GoPro Black Problems

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  • HarryM
    Apr 23, 2013
      It is documented on the GoPro web site and is an issue with all their



      Thanks. Another "undocumented feature" that showed up on our
      GoPro Hero (Original) was the fact that it would shut down if
      the internal temperature exceeded 120F. This happened to us
      during testing inside the foamcore payload enclosure in bright
      summer sunlight. The only corrective action was to keep the
      enclosure open to air, out of the sun and powered up only
      shortly before launch in the summer. It's not an issue during
      the winter, however.

      It might be worth quizzing GoPro if this "feature" remains in the
      2 and 3 series cameras.
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