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1018Re: [GPSL] Last Weekend's ISU Flight

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  • paul.verhage@boiseschools.org
    Oct 5 9:15 AM
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      > Our students used what appeared to be colored duct tape, but we weren't as concerned about weight. Is the Uline tape available at hobby stores?

      It is. HobbyTown in boise has part of a wall dedicated to the stuff. It's a very thin

      > Can you describe (or post a photo) of your three-line suspension?

      I'm working on it between classes. It's basically a spreader ring for a parachute, but
      flipped upside down. I started with a bearing swivel and tied three 50 pound test
      spectra lines to it and sealed the knots in heat shrink tubing. I took a 6" diameter
      needle point ring and drilled three equally spaced holes in it. The lines from the
      bearing swivel drop through the needle point loop. I slid a bead on each line and
      then tied a large knot in the spectra. The knots keep the beads from sliding any
      farther down and the beads keep the needle point ring from sliding down. I'm now
      working on tying bearing swivels every 18 inches.

      A BalloonSat needs to have three tubes glued into it. The styrene tubes I'm using
      are very light weight. I cut grooves into the foam body of the BalloonSat for each
      tube before I assemble it. To make the grooves, I sharpened up a plastic tube and
      twisted it into the foam to cut a cylinderical groove the correct diameter. I also cut
      smaller diameter holes in the foam for 3/16" wooden dowel. The dowels protrude
      from the BalloonSat by about 3/4" so I can rubber band the hatch on the BalloonSat.

      After hot gluing the BalloonSat together, I cover it in tape (I used black for thermal
      concerns) and then punch out the holes in tape covering the BalloonSat airframe.
      Then I hot glue the tubes and dowels into place. I'm also making tape labels with my
      name and phone number.

      To fly the BalloonSats, I connect the swivel in the suspension to the bottom of the
      last module in the near spacecraft. The three lines from the suspension are dropped
      through the plastic tubes of each BalloonSat and the BalloonSats are pushed up to
      the level of a bearing swivel. I'll then run a jump ring through the bearing swivel so
      the BalloonSat can't slide off.

      I'll get a digital photo and send it this week.

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