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1017Re: [GPSL] Last Weekend's ISU Flight

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  • n9xtn@cox.net
    Oct 5, 2004
      > I coat my BalloonSat with Uline tape, a tape made for styrofoam
      > gliders. It comes in
      > a variety of colors and is very lightweight. Especially when you
      > compare it to the
      > aluminum tape used on some BalloonSats. With uline tape and 1/2"
      > foam, I believe
      > my BalloonSat airframe is lighter.

      Our students used what appeared to be colored duct tape, but we weren't as concerned about weight. Is the Uline tape available at hobby stores?

      > On using a three line suspension...
      > Using the single line suspension risks abrading the line and
      > dropping the lower
      > BalloonSats, which is how my BalloonSat was lost. There are
      > alternatives, as Mark
      > said. But if you use a three line suspension, you also reduce the
      > rocking and
      > spinning experienced by the BalloonSats. The photos should be
      > crisper as a result.
      > The reduced rocking and spinning also cuts down on the abrasion.

      Can you describe (or post a photo) of your three-line suspension?

      - Mark
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