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1014Last Weekend's ISU Flight

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  • paul.verhage@boiseschools.org
    Oct 5, 2004
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      Here's an update on the ISU launch last weekend. It was the best flight I've seen in
      Idaho. No surface winds and a 20 mile flight that landed a few hundred feet from the
      road in a plowed farm field. There were well placed roads for the entire flight. we
      spent lots of time with the farmer of the property we launched from and at a truck
      stop showing visitors the balloon and the UI View map.

      I ran out into the field as the balloon landed and missed grabbing it by about 3 feet.
      The plowed field was uneven and I couldn't change my running direction fast enough
      without tripping. I'll email a few photos when I get them from ISU. I'm attaching a
      spreadsheet of the science data my flight collected.

      Another topic. BalloonSats are popular with college students. The University of
      Idaho recommends using the plastic tube of a ball point pen to run the load line
      through. ISU says they saw metal pipe (from lamps) being used at Boulder. We lost
      three BalloonSats when the metal tube of one BalloonSats abradied the load line. I
      recommend using plastic tubing from hobby shops for the loal line and three cord
      suspension system. I'll post photos of the design shortly. I would also recommend
      using 1/2" thick styrofoam in place of the foam core. I'll write up an article on this for
      Nuts and Volts for early next year. I'm planning on getting Boise School District
      students to make a bunch of BalloonSats for launch.

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