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SOLVED: GPCP on Linux This scrips run for me #!/bin/sh # Compile and run a GPCP program # java -DCPSYM=.:$JRoot/libs:$JRoot/libs/JvmSystem -classpath .:$JRoot CP.$1.$1 $2 $3 $4 $5
Mar 4
Runing on Linux... After a quick reading of the posts, I find references but not the scripts to run GPCP on Linux. From where can I pickup ? Regards Walter -- Walter
Mar 3
Problem with a constant definition Dear John, Please fix this problem: MODULE GrColors; CONST Black = 0; BlackOnBlack = ASH(Black, 2); END GrColors. 5 BlackOnBlack = ASH(Black, 2); ****
Oleg N. Cher
Jan 13
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Customize assembly paths Hi! Few days ago I was exploring GPCP for .NET compiler, while writing my utility. I was looking for possibility to place linked .dll-files in different
Пётр Кушнир
Dec 3, 2013
Java / OSX A couple of months ago, the question was about continued support of Java 6 by GPCP. I replied that for OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) java 6 was required. I changed
Sep 12, 2013
Re: Gardens Point Modula-2 Hi John, they had a webhome for GPM until march 2012 offering the dated builds, docs and a link to the GPM/CLR project.
Sep 1, 2013
Re: Gardens Point Modula-2 Hi Christoph The plas.fit.qut.edu.au server has not existed for some years. Most of the software that is still being maintained was moved to CodePlex. Most
K John Gough
Aug 21, 2013
Gardens Point Modula-2 Hello, I am wondering about the plas.fit.qut.edu.au server. It seems to be no longer available? Does that mean GPM has now fallen by the wayside with the
Aug 15, 2013
Re: Procedure type parameter crashes compiler v 1.3.16 Hello John, The decimal dot is something that is related to the world one lives in. I build physics models and some numerical solvers and REALity is the
Aug 15, 2013
Re: Procedure type parameter crashes compiler v 1.3.16 Hi All Sorry for the delay in responding to this thread. I have been on holiday, and unable to get to my development machine. First point: The "dangling" TYPE
K John Gough
Aug 13, 2013
Re: Procedure type parameter crashes compiler v 1.3.16 Sorry for not replying for two weeks. Programming got delayed because I studied OO by trying to understand Dylan and the Design Patterns of Erich Gamma c.s.
Aug 13, 2013
Re: Procedure type parameter crashes compiler v 1.3.16 ... I couldn't duplicate the crash on the .NET version of GPCP. However, you do need to remove the dangling 'TYPE' keyword and the full-stop (period) after the
Jul 27, 2013
compiler panic on Java interface As I am not yet familiar with Java, I have to try things. This makes the compiler panic: VAR datum: java_util.Calendar; (*Date deprecated*) BEGIN
Jul 27, 2013
Compiler panics on CONST C=INTEGER In the code below there are two tries to emulate an enumeration type (M2 to CP translator) and in the second one the TYPE keyword got lost. So the compiler
Jul 27, 2013
Procedure type parameter crashes compiler v 1.3.16 The code below causes a compiler panic, due to the procedure type parameter in the procedure Nupijp.. (The dangling TYPE keyword in the code - it is not even
Jul 27, 2013
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gpcp on a Mac Dear John, This is in fact a reply to your question (#599) about Mac users. Yahoo does not like me, because creating a membership took a couple of seemingly
Jul 22, 2013
Re: SOLVED [GPCP] Re: How should I Install CPCP Java version on Mac Hi All Lots of thanks for all the folks who helped solve the installation issues for “boring too”. I will make sure that the next refresh contains shell
K John Gough
May 19, 2013
Re: SOLVED [GPCP] Re: How should I Install CPCP Java version on Mac Hans, No need for apologies.  Your Mac OS X instruction got me most of the way. Right now I followed your suggestion about invisible characters. I removed ALL
boring too
May 18, 2013
Re: How should I Install CPCP Java version on Mac OS X? George, Concerning your first question. Sorry I did not realize and mention that I too changed the cprun.bat file into a Unix cprun shell script. My first
May 18, 2013
Re: How should I Install CPCP Java version on Mac OS X? John, thanks for the quick response. Hans, Thank you for your detailed response. I worked through the steps, and received similar results as before, but I at
boring too
May 18, 2013
Re: How should I Install CPCP Java version on Mac OS X? George, This is how I got GPCP running on Mac OS X. After clicking on 'GPCP v1.3.16 for JVM' on the downloads page of gpcp.codeplex.com a file named
Hans Klaver
May 17, 2013
Re: How should I Install CPCP Java version on Mac OS X? Hi All Anyone out there using GPCP on a Mac? I have a completely Apple-free household unfortunately. John From: GPCP@yahoogroups.com
K John Gough
May 17, 2013
How should I Install CPCP Java version on Mac OS X? I have downloaded the GPCP Java version and tried to install it to Mac OS X 10.6.8 on a MacBook 2009, but I just don't understand how to set it up under Mac OS
too boring
May 17, 2013
New issue? (Google translate): Dear Mr. John! Firstly, I congratulate you with the new year of the water snake by the lunar calendar Secondly, is it an issue? Listing: 1
Feb 10, 2013
Re: 64-bit SET type Hi All An interesting point from Oleg. If SHORT(.) simply takes the least significant 32-bits of a set, then narrowing of a long set should be a runtime error
K John Gough
Feb 7, 2013
Re: 64-bit SET type Dear All, Dear Sergey and John, Looks it appropriate that type conversion constructions SHORT(T) and LONG(T) will be useful between SET and LONGSET types? ...
Oleg N. Cher
Feb 7, 2013
Re: 64-bit SET type Thank you very much!
Feb 7, 2013
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Re: 64-bit SET type Dear Sergey It should be fairly easy to add LONGSET to the types for GPCP. As you will see the shift and rotate instructions are now extended to 64 bits, and
K John Gough
Feb 7, 2013
64-bit SET type (Google translate): Dear Mr. John! My understanding is type of SET was created in part to simplify holding bitwise operations with machine word. Component
Feb 7, 2013
Re: Export module's comments in html, generated by 'Browse' tool Hi All The idea of putting documentation comments in definition files is quite a useful one. However, like documentation comments in other languages the
K John Gough
Jan 23, 2013
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