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Agenda - Wed. Feb. 24, 2010 Meeting - 7:30 p.m. - Cosi, 3503 Fairfax Dr. (GMU/Va. Sq. Metro - orange line)

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  • Rob Pilaud
    George Mason University Lambda Alumni Chapter Calendar of Events (updated Feb. 23, 2010) 1. Wed., Feb. 24 - Lambda Meeting (Arlington) - Mason Pride Week
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2010
      George Mason University Lambda Alumni Chapter
      Calendar of Events (updated Feb. 23, 2010)

      1.  Wed., Feb. 24 - Lambda Meeting (Arlington) - Mason Pride Week planning

      2.  Wed., Mar. 24 - Lambda Meeting (Arlington) - Mason Pride Week planning

      3.  Mar. 29-Apr. 5 - Mason Pride Week (Fairfax)
      Full calendar of events:
      ... including ...
      Fri. Drag Show and Party

      4.  Apr. 14 - Alumni Association Celebration of Distinction (Fairfax)

      5.  Apr. 28 - Lambda Meeting (Arlington) - Lavender Graduation planning

      6.  May 10-14 (date TBD) - Lavender Graduation (Fairfax)

      7.  May 26 - Lambda Meeting (Arlington) - solicit elections (Co-Chair and At-Large); Capital Pride planning

      8.  Jun. 4-13 - Capital Pride (Washington)
      ... including ...
      Sat. Parade
      Sun. Festival

      9.  Jun. 23 - Lambda Meeting (Arlington) - finalize elections; summer/fall planning

      A.  Fundraising.  Per the suggestion of Chris Clark-Talley, Associate Vice President for Alumni Affairs, Rob attempting to arrange a meeting with Rick Virgin, Associate Vice President, University Development, (703) 993-8764, cell (571) 296-8316, rvirgin@....
      A.1.  Ensure that our donors get personalized feedback from GMUL.
      A.2.  Identify university and/or corporate matching opportunities.
      A.3.  Lessons learned from Black Alumni, School of Public Policy.
      A.4.  Endowed scholarship requires $25,000 over 5 years (may be extended).
      A.5.  For example, Black Alumni gives $500 book award, logistically easier.
      A.6.  Alumni can give directly to GMUL by designating "Lambda Alumni Chapter" in the "Other Established Fund" field.
      A.7.  Work with Carol, etc., to add a Lambda Alumni Chapter field to GMU alumni database.  Survey (see B) our alumni to see if they would like to be identified as such.  Will facilitate all of the above.

      B.  Conduct survey of our membership (Rob).  Possible questions:
      B.1.  What services or events would you want from GMUL?
      B.2.  How much would you be willing to contribute per year?
      B.3.  Would you like to be recognized at this year's Lavender Graduation?
      B.4.  Do you approve of being identified with "Lambda Alumni Chapter" in the GMU Alumni Database?  We promise not to spam you.  [explain how it helps; answer the question: "why would I want to do this?"]
      B.5.  Would you be willing to help with Mason Pride, Lavender Graduation, Capital Pride, social events, etc.?

      C.  Lavender Graduation planning (Alex, Matt)
      C.1.  Establish and give the Brian Picone Award for Excellence in Leadership, Social Justice and Advocacy.
      C.2.  Identify any alumni that would like to be recognized this year that might not have been last year.
      C.3.  Coordinate with Ric.

      D.  Board of Visitors, nominations for.  Do we know of anyone within our group that might be interested?  If we don't, do we want to support a pro-LGBTQ candidate?
      Current information:  https://docushare.gmu.edu/dsweb/View/Collection-5151
      Bylaws:  https://docushare.gmu.edu/dsweb/Get/Document-37879/BYLAWS%20as%20of%2012-9-09.doc

      E.  Lambda Board has selected Rob Pilaud for Alumni Association Celebration of Distinction, obtain plaque for same (Alex/Matt)

      F.  Cash on hand:  approximately $175-$200.  Darren working on additional fundraising.

      G.  PR/Communications
      G.1.  Send notice of meetings to the D.C. Agenda (Rob) (completed)
      G.2.  Create formal logo with Creative Services, Rick Custer <fcuster@...> (Rob) (no response yet)
      G.3.  Contact Andy Ackley <aackley@...> in conjunction with Pride Week, possible article on the history of LGBTQ at Mason for the Wire (first pride event in '96, police, concern over safety, went off without a hitch, literal "closet"; changes through the years up to Ryan Allen as Reann Ballslee becoming Mason's homecoming queen last year (first in the country?). (in progress)

      H.  Career Workshop:  Clarissa said there may be an Alumni-sponsored Career Workshop sometime after graduation (maybe in June), but it's still in the early planning stages.  Alex and Rob offered to help.

      I.  Mason Pride, Resources Carnival, Thu. Apr. 2, 10a-3p, North Plaza, alumni participation?, coordinate with Ric

      J.  Social?  Every Wednesday night at the Motley Bar, 9th and N, NW DC, is college night.  Conduct a social event?  Matt lead?

      K.  Next meeting:  Mar. 24 - Lambda Meeting (Arlington) - Mason Pride Week planning

      Please let Rob know of any additions, deletions or corrections.

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