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(1) History, (2) Goalsetting

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  • rpilaud
    In this message, I d like to share a (1) brief history, and then (2) ask you what you d like to see GMU Lambda Alumni accomplish and what project(s) you d like
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2007
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      In this message, I'd like to share a (1) brief history, and then (2)
      ask you what you'd like to see GMU Lambda Alumni accomplish and what
      project(s) you'd like to work on.

      (1) Brief History: Mason is fortunate to have longstanding active
      student GLBTQ groups and institutional support for GLBTQ students.
      The Pride Alliance website was up and running in 1999 (and the group
      likely existed long before the website went up ... someone will have
      to help me identify its beginnings). At the law school, the GLSA
      started in 1992, and launched its website in 2000. Other
      organizations include G3 and TransMason.

      In 2003, Ric Chollar, Office of Diversity Programs and Services,
      stepped up as Mason's first Program Coordinator for Gay, Lesbian,
      Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning students and has been doing a
      great job up to and including Mason's presence at this past weekend's
      Capital Pride. In the Winter 2003 edition of Mason Spirit magazine,
      J. Bradley Blankenship (and others?) arranged to have a brief blurb
      published, titled "Calling all Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender,
      and Questioning Alumni and Friends." In 2005, Silvio Menzano and Liz
      Moore co-coordinated an alumni reception and panel discussion, "Queers
      in Careers: LGBTQ Alumni Reception and Panel Discussion." About 6 or
      8 of us participated and although student interest was a bit light (10
      or 20 students), I hope it was a valuable experience for attendees.
      Personally, it was good to meet Ric, and Silvio and Liz and other
      alumni at the Johnson Center, and it got me thinking about giving back
      to Mason as an alumni, if such a need exists.

      As I recall, the 2003-2005 activities ultimately resulted in Ken
      Stillson setting up and maintaining a list server at the following URL:
      http://point0.net/mailman/listinfo/gmulambdaalumni, which still
      operates today with approximately 100+ alumni/participants.

      Now, after chatting with Ric re Pride 2007, I've decided to step
      forward and offer my assistance in moderating discussions about taking
      the organization to the next level, if such a desire still exists. I
      do not necessarily wish to lead this organization, but am open to the
      idea. I'm just interested in seeing us collectively work on projects
      that are of interest to us.

      Personally, I came up with the following list, but am completely open
      to additions, deletions, corrections, etc.:

      1. Identify all Mason GLBTQ alumni who are interested in working with
      the present organization. Determine a list of activity organizers
      versus possible activity participants and differentiate communications
      between organizers and possible participants so as to avoid unwanted
      e-mail. (Perhaps the Point0 list can continue to be used for general
      announcements, and the present Yahoo Groups site can be more narrowly
      focused on accomplishing the goals of the organization.)

      2. Provide professional networking and social activities for GLBTQ
      students and alumni including Capital Pride Week and other GLBTQ
      community events.

      3. Work with and support the Pride Alliance, Office of Diversity
      Programs & Services; the GLBTQ Office (http://lgbtq.gmu.edu/); Project
      Safe Zone; the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Law Association (GALLA); G3;
      TransMason and other Mason GLBTQ organizations.

      4. Work with the Office of Alumni Affairs and Alumni Association to
      formally recognize the present group and form a scholarship fund for
      the benefit of GLBTQ students.

      5. Help George Mason become a Top National University by promoting
      equality for all students, faculty and staff, and in so doing attract
      the best and brightest students, faculty and staff to George Mason.

      These are my thoughts. Now, I turn it to you. Do you have different
      goals not yet enumerated above? What do you want to do personally for
      this group? Feel free to introduce yourself to the other 14 or so in
      this group.


      Rob Pilaud, J.D. '01
      Alexandria, VA (home)
      Sterling, VA (office)
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