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    Hi, You can take the Hep A shot on the day you feel better. It is better to take it sooner than later, even with low grade fever coming off and on. No
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2000
      You can take the Hep A shot on the day you feel better. It is better to
      take it sooner than later, even with low grade fever coming off and on.
      No contraindications.
      Do not wait till end of therapy.

      Dr Sharat C Misra MD(Medicine), DM ( Gastro)
      Consultant Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist

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      Hi Dr. Misra,
      Back on 8/10/99 I had the first shot of the Hep A vaccine. I knew I
      would be
      starting on the combo treatment in October, but my docs said it would
      be okay
      to have the 2nd shot while on treatment. When I went in on 2/10/00 (6
      later as recommended), I happened to have a 100 degree low-grade fever
      day, so my PCP doc said no way to giving me the 2nd shot. She said it
      be perfectly fine to wait a couple weeks or even a few months or
      I've had some low-grade fevers (99 - 101 degrees) since that day,
      partly due
      to an intestinal bug and partly due to the combo sides. Do you agree
      it's okay to go so much beyond the recommended 6 months between the
      1st and
      2nd HAV vaccine? Do you agree that I should not get the 2nd shot if I
      have a
      low-grade fever? I'm scheduled to end combo in early April, so
      I wait until I'm done? I'm seeing my hep c specialist on 3/8/00 and
      will be
      asking these same questions of him too, but I'd appreciate your
      Thanks so much,
      Sara (SRW1954@...)
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      > Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 10:01:34 +0530
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      > Subject: Hep A vaccine for CLD
      > We recently had an informal liver meet of our group regarding
      > recommendations for Hep A vaccine.
      > Important conclusions in reference to those with chronic liver
      > were:
      > 1.The case fatality rate for chronic liver disease patients who
      > Hep A is high. A large series showed that this also included those
      > had HbsAg infection but had no active liver disease. Hep A vaccine
      > should be offered to all those afflicted with hep B, C, alcohol
      > and autoimmune liver disease.
      > 2.Seroconversion is close to 98% (a little less for Hep C).
      > 3. Twinrex vaccine combining Hep A and B has been highly
      > and would be a good strategy to begin use in Hep C.
      > 4. There is no problem in vaccinating Hep C patients on Combo
      > in fact the response to the vaccine will be better.
      > Dr Sharat C Misra MD(Medicine), DM (Gastro)
      > Consultant Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist

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