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proof of life after death

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  • Mark Middle Mountain
    Oh oh someone started on the philosophy quick put a sock in my mouth cause it could run forever :-). Mu wife was just telling the story 2 days ago about her
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2002
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      Oh oh someone started on the philosophy quick put a sock in my mouth cause
      it could run forever :-).

      Mu wife was just telling the story 2 days ago about her Aunt who died.
      Almost a year later, on his birthday, her brother had a message on his
      answering machine from the Aunt singing Happy Birthday to him. Now, the
      brother is NOT a New Ager, NOT religious, he is a hard drinking biker who
      runs a Harley repair shop, but he was having a hard time convincing himself
      the message was left over on the tape from the year before. So that is not
      anything that constitutes proof but is an interesting story if nothing

      Just like we have a car body, but we are not that body, similarly we have
      a material body, but we are not that body either. A form of proof for
      that would be as follows. Remember when you were a child, and think about
      your sense of self at that time, the self that was observing the
      experiential flow in your life. Then remember when you were in grade
      school, remember when you were in high school, college age, healthy
      young adult, HCV positive adult. Not what your intellectual life was, or
      even your emotional life, but that sense of self, of your uniqueness from
      others, and that sense of being the observer of what was happening in your
      life. That sense has not changed, even though your body has.

      It is scientifically known that we have a new body about every seven years
      or so. This is dramatic from our little preschool bodies, how we had a
      different body as a grade schooler, changing again as a high schooler, it
      was constantly changing and growing. Even since attaining our full growth,
      our body is changing. Parts got thicker, parts sagged, parts wrinkled,
      constantly changing. Yet that sense of self as the observer has remained
      essentially unchanged. The physical body changes, the mental body changes,
      but the self remains the same. So at the highest level of consciousness,
      we are different than our bodies. We have changing mental and physical
      bodies, but we are not our bodies. That is something that can be
      understood directly. "I" am not feeling pain, the body is feeling pain.
      "I" am not tired and cranky, it is the body. The pain is real, but the
      "I" that experiences the pain of the body is the same "I" that previously
      didn't experience the pain.

      So a car body gets dented, wears out parts that are replaced until some
      day the car doesn't run anymore, and the "I" moves on and gets another car,
      or takes public transportation, or just gets to some place "I" never wants
      to leave. Does this apply to the material body also? Many religions are
      certainly based on that premise, whether it involves getting another
      material body, or moving beyond the need for a material body. Personally
      I accept that, but is it scientific proof? No.
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