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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Attn: Carol OT re computer

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  • Carol
    Thanks Tat...It amazes me that the sellers of this very popular compi store don t tell me that. But then, they were so busy when I bought this, that I had to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 3, 2002
      Thanks Tat...It amazes me that the sellers of this very popular compi
      store don't tell me that. But then, they were so busy when I bought
      this, that I had to grab a guy just to write up the order. I am a
      DUHHH, I kinda knew at the time I should have at least 64mg...but
      stupid me thought if they are selling the compi with that, it should
      do me since I don't load heavy stuff on it. You are absolutely right
      Tat, I need to add another 64mg...on top of the 32, that should do
      it...I just read that memory prices went up again, I will keep your
      price of $100 in mind when I deal with them...and I will ask about the
      price difference in a bigger chip or just an addition. Doesn't matter
      to me, since they're going to be re-formatting hard drive and I'll
      lose a lot of stuff anyway. Don't worry, I am going to copy onto
      floppies anything important. Connie or Claudine suggested that
      one...good idea. Especially since I just recently bought a game that
      I just downloaded, don't want to lose that. I'm not a heavy gamer
      either, but like a few of them.

      Thanks again Tatezi

      Tatezi wrote:
      > Carol...
      > To properly run Windows 98, 2000, ME or XP you should have at least 64mg
      > ram. The newer versions of Windows (listed above) use around 20mg to
      > just run the operating system. If you only have 32mg and are crashing
      > all the time, I'm sure that is the reason. And if you are going to do
      > any type of graphics work you need a minimum of 96mg ram.
      > Don't let them give you the run around at the shop. Your 32mg ram is
      > probably onboard ram (built into the motherboard) or a single chip and
      > if it were bad, you're computer wouldn't boot at all. They just don't
      > make memory chips any smaller than 32mg any more. And memory is very
      > inexpensive right now...I recently bought 128mg ram chip at Comp USA for
      > around $100. If all you are using is mail and a browser, just getting an
      > additional 32mg chip to bring you up to 64mg would make a world of
      > difference. But be sure to price the memory...it might be cheaper to get
      > a larger chip and would benefit you more in the long run.
      > Good luck!
      > Blessings
      > Tatezi
      > > I only have 32mb ram on a 400mgz compi. Although I only use less than
      > > 600MB, leaving free over 3,000MB I think upping the ram will help with
      > > all the crashes.
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