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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] RE:cirohchiis reversable.

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  • claudine intexas
    Cher, Ok, I am remembering all about this doctor you are seeing - and it was obvious he didn t know a whole lot about HCV and the treatments - right? He didn t
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 3, 2002
      Ok, I am remembering all about this doctor you are seeing - and it
      was obvious he didn't know a whole lot about HCV and the treatments -
      right? He didn't even know that the pegyalted interferon had been
      approved, right? So - I don't think you do really have advanced cirrhosis.
      Early cirrhosis maybe, but not advanced. There are many signs of advanced
      cirrhosis, and you don't seem to have any of them, and also when cirrhosis
      is advanced people don't usually do too well (physically) on treatment.
      And you sound like you are doing fine. Fibrosis is scar tissue. Cirrhosis
      is the name given to the disease that is caused by the build up of
      fibrosis. When there is so much scar tissue built up that blood flow
      through the liver is reduced, and function is impaired, then you are said
      to have cirrhosis. And whereever you are reading that if you have
      cirrhosis you are not a canidate for treatment is somewhere that is not
      up-to-date on the info being given out. Even the government is treating
      those with cirrhosis. You can still have a viral response if you have
      cirrhosis although your chances are reduced (but you have an easy to treat
      genotype). BUT (and this is the big BUT) even if you do NOT clear the
      virus treatment can still help you. It might stop all progression of the
      disease. Or, it might slow the progression of the disease. And, (this is
      really the new information that is emerging from various studies) it is
      also possible that some of the fibrosis you have - which causes the
      cirrhosis - may even reverse itself - return to normal liver tissue.
      Especially if you have a viral response there is a good chance that your
      liver can repair and heal itself. So the way I see it, it is even MORE
      important for someone with cirrhosis to be on treatment. Only people who
      have decompensated cirrhosis (end-stage liver disease) are probably not
      canidates for treatment, and it does NOT sound like you fall into this
      catagory. Your doctor probably meant that you have advanced fibrosis. Not
      advanced cirrhosis. If you had advanced cirrhosis you would probably be
      very sick and have a lot of symptoms from it, and certain blood tests
      would be out of normal range, not just your ALT, and you would be on a
      transplant list by now. Just stick with what you are doing! Hang in there,
      and try to ignore any negative stuff. And if your antidepressant isn't
      working well be sure and let your PCP know. There are many different
      kinds, and sometimes you need to switch around, find what works best for
      you. Sometimes it is even a combination of things that works best. Avoid
      the negative stuff and think positive! You are doing the right thing.

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