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lowfat diet

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    Fat makes everything taste better, so mostly we are loving it. I can t go very lo fat due to lack of control over my tongue, but do try to manage it. We
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2001
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      Fat makes everything taste better, so mostly we are
      loving it. I can't go very lo fat due to lack of
      control over my tongue, but do try to manage it. We
      don't buy whole milk, 2% for example, but skim is a
      little too little for me. However, I only use milk
      on cereal once a week or less, it's mostly there for
      the kids. Usually on cereal I use fruit juice. I
      know it may sound wierd, but try it before you knock
      it. Mostly eat lower fat granola anyway, so the
      juice soaks in.

      Yeah, yeah, ice cream on occasion (maybe too
      occasionally), try to go with low fat frozen yoghurt
      even then. Overall, I try to limit my daily intake
      of saturated fat to one tablespoon or two most, and
      all of that does come from butterfat, which is a
      short chain saturated fat, and none comes from meat
      sources, which is less healthy long chain saturated
      fat. The tablespoon includes all soures, from little
      ghee used in cooking, ice cream, milk. No fat
      yoghurt I try to get at least a tablespoon a day, for
      the beneficial bacteria. Just to put things in
      perspective, 1 cup of whole milk (4%) equals 2/3 of
      a tablespoon of butterfat. One cup of Original
      Breyers (16%) would be almost 3 tablespoons. I
      think it is all right to occasionally exceed limits,
      have a feast, but limitedly, like not more than
      once a week. Then the tongue seems a little easier to
      control - "All buddy, not much today, but in the
      future, there will be a day to really enjoy, so hang
      in there until then." You like have to negotiate :-)

      I avoid transfats as much as possible, which is in
      lots and lots of stuff. Anytime you see partially
      hydrogenated vegetavle fat on the label, stir clear.
      The stuff is practically poisonous. (long tangent
      available here)

      On my granola or hot oatmeal, I put my freshly ground
      flaxseeds, which is 40% oil, but beneficial, so you
      get the mouth feel of fat with benefit.

      Another trick is to eat a few nuts before your meal.
      I eat 6 walnuts, pecans, or almonds a day( I heard
      you when you said 5 a day Doc, but not ready to give
      one up yet :-). That also gives the full feeling of
      fat with a meal, when the rest of the meal is low or
      no fat. The good thing about nuts is they have lots
      of beneficial compounds and good fiber, and help with
      the desire for fat, but the nut fats themselves are
      poorly absorbed by the system, so don't end up as
      much in the liver as other fats.

      The principle is some fats, but good quality and used
      in a way to trick that innate and powerful longing for

      As for chocolate......

      Atleast eat dark chocolate so you can get the
      chocolate buzz with the least possible other stuff in
      the chocolate that is hard to rationalize as easily as
      a little dark chocolate, which has some benefits.
      But alas, we are only human.

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