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Milk thistle and peg combo treatment

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    Dear Dhava,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2001
      Dear Dhava,

      <<I believe clearing the virus is worth the danger of
      the peg-intron; but if they're not working I'd like to
      cut 'em lose ASAP. I worry about any permanent damage
      they may cause. Up till now I've treated myself with
      Milk Thistle and Szchandra berries. I wonder if
      there's any point to continue taking them as long as
      I'm on the peg-intron.>>

      If I were to take the peg or peg combo treatment I
      would definately continue with the milk thistle and
      schizandra. Check to make sure that you aren't taking
      any bupleurum tho, which is often bundled with the
      schizandra, and that is supposed to be
      contraindicated with the interferon.

      I have also seen a study that says vitamin E can delay
      the onset of the ribavarin induced anemia. Not stop
      it, but you get it later which can only be good. Also
      a study that showed people taking zinc responded
      better to the treatment then those who weren't.

      With the milk thistle(which I take in a complex with
      other good stuff including the schizandra), I also
      currently take selenium and alpha lipoic acid. I take
      200 whatevers of selenium and take 50 (I am terrible I
      can't remember the units) of zinc which is supposed
      to balance the selenium.

      The update I just saw, was that if taking a lot of
      ALA, you should also take a complete B complex
      supplement as the ALA depletes B vitamins. So I just
      ordered some from vitaminshoppe.com which is where I
      shop for supplements, being a little remote in my
      living condition.

      The only thing I would change on treatment, is
      getting a different kind of Milk thistle that isn't
      with bupleurum as my current one is. I would keep
      taking everything else, and add some vit E.

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