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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] ] miffed and ranting - update

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  • AndromedaGurl
    Claudine said Alien infestiation in Texas woman causes her to
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 27, 2001
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      Claudine said <<Did you ever notice that the lotion sparkles?...Alley be
      running around sparkling. >>

      "Alien infestiation in Texas woman causes her to sparkle. Some say she has
      been annointed with angel dust, others say she just smoked it."

      My new bottle of lotion says


      so I danced around and shook myself as much as I could. I'm tired now. Still

      no wait, that's not the name....

      Lindane I think. Part of the name is covered with the label that told me to

      See I tole ya. It's an old wive's cure.. shake well, cure ya or give ya a
      headache. (a headache we can cure without old wives).

      I'm off to shake myself in the shower then apply the lotion. If I sparkle
      I'll let you know. :)

      Alien Sparkle Alley
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